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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Dressed And Shopping In Public

I love to shave my legs and wear nylons, heels bras, teddy's, short skirts, sundresses, you name it! The problem is, I always had a secret wish someone would "catch" me dressed up. As this most likely won't happen while I am at home, I have often driven around, dressed up. But feeling casual while still turned on being dressed up, meant letting someone see me, on purpose. There is a lingerie store near my home that had "TV" dressing items, creams, large size shoes etc for TV's. They also have all the obligitory toys and magazines with some nice fem items in correct sizes. I began by going in regualr shorts and sandals with "natural" colored stockings. The clerks would look at me and never stare. I became increasingly brave and would try on shoes sometimes in a secluded area of the store. As I became more and more comfortable going in to this store, I got some comments from the clerks and they would ask, "do you want to try that on" while I was looking. Needless to say, the first time I was in the dressing room changing, my unit got brushed by some fabric and being in panties and thigh highs in front of the mirror, I lost it and scurried out of the store. When I got the courage to go back a few months later, I had just shaved my legs and had on a really nice pair of suntan thigh highs and black lace "boy shorts" that were right up my crotch and my unit kept popping out, in danger of dropping below my very short khaki skirt. I walked around the store very self concious, but, the clerks said nothing. I found a pair of glass platform stacked heels in my size (10) and just had to try them on. While sitting down, I could see my panties and part of my flesh in the fittng mirror right in front of me. While putting on the second shoe, I heard the door chime of the store ring, announcing a new customer. I kept fitting my shoe when I looked up and saw a young 20 something guy walk by and really give my legs a good stare, again I almost lost it! But, the real turn on was his girlfriend was in tow! I had no sooner gotten over the turn on/shock of him seeing and admiring my legs, that she walked thru the shoe room to join him. They went behind the partition and I could hear her say "he's out in public dressed up" I quickly changed back into my short heels I wore nto the store and tried to walk out casually. As soon as I got in the car, my unit was fully erect and poking out from under my skirt. I stuffed it into the top of my thigh highs to which immediately turned me on to the point of orgasm, while trying to drive, I nearly crashed. Needless to say, I have dressed and returned many time to this store, they sometime compliment me on my "nice legs" when I am shaved and wearing nylons. This always results in an explosive orgasm sometimes before I can get home!!
The moral to this story for all you guys who love the feel of nylons on your legs--- Shave them, and show them off, it looks good! You'd be surprised the nice comments you'll get.

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