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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Panty Shopping With Wife

Because I mentioned that I would like some more feminine panties, my wife said take a day off and let's go shopping. So I took last Thursday off and we went. She got into a very take-charge mode, telling me to hurry up, etc. When we got to the store, she said "come on pussyboy". I couldn't conceal my erection (not that I am that big, but it was sticking out). She started laughing at me and told me to make it go down, now. I just couldn't get it to go down, so I took a shopping cart and walked behind it.
We went straight to the lady's panties section. My wife had a lot of fun holding up panties and then holding them near me and asking me out loud what I thought of them. We ended up getting a pair of brown panties with lace top, a purple thong and a very girly, very pink thong, with a small bow on it. This was our second trip to this store (the last time I got two black pair of panties), and there were ladies milling all about while my wife was publicly treating me as her pussyboy. She made me model all three pair when we got home, and then she made me leave one pair on overnight.
I think that I am very lucky to have such a nice panty mistress for a wife!

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