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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Teasing Store Assistant

Occasionally members say that lingerie counter assistants seem turned on by serving us pantie friends. Well here is a true story, and I hope some others can top it with ones of their own.
A few years ago there was a very upmarket lingerie shop called Heaven and Hell in Glasgow's Merchant City and I used to shop there now and again.

One day I was buying a La Perla bra pantie and suspender set for my wife's birthday, but couldn't make up my mind between the full pantie and a bikini style. All the while I was flirting with the owner and an absoutely drop-dead gorgeous Australian sales assistant. She was dressed in a very short mini skirt and a sheer blouse through which I could glimpse a sexy bra underneath. As I prefaricated she suddenly said "Well I'm wearing the bikinis just now and they are really nice on. Would you like to see?" Then without giving me time to answer she lifted the hem of her skirt, pressed one lovely thigh against the other and gave me a show. Then she turned around to let me see them from behind. I still dream about her tight bronze bottom. I don't know which skipped a beat first, my heart or my cock..

As you can guess I bought the bikinis.

Naturally I was like a dog with two dicks about the whole experience and told my wife as I handed her present over. Boy did I get a shock, I thought she would find it amusing but she was absoulutely furious and very jealous. And she isn't normally jealous at all.

I suppose you now expect to hear that we then had great sex on the kitchen table, but it was months before I saw that set on. (I probably wore the panties before her, but she doesn't know that).

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