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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Silky Hands

I recently went to a large local mall looking for some sexy lingerie. I decided to go into Frederick's of Hollwood as there was no one in the store except the sales girl. She asked if she could help and i said I was looking and would let her know. I found a great looking red lace pushup bra with matching lace panties but I really wanted to try on the bra as I have had Fredrick's bras before and they never really fit right. As the store was still empty I sheepishly approched the counter. The sales girl, who was in her late twenties and slightly on the plump side, asked again if I needed help and I said yes. I asked may I try these on? She looked at me quisically and then smiled rather coyly and said of course can I help? She led me to the dressing room unlocked it and let me in. I removed my clothes and as I was hooking up the bra and adjusting the straps she knocked on the door. I was now standing there in a black lace thong and the red bra. She then used her key to open the door and stood there with an admiring look on her face. I was surprised to say the least, then she said she closed the store for lunch and could help me as much as I needed. She asked me to turn around and said very nice but you need to adjust these straps, as she reached to touch the slides on the shoulder straps of the bra. Her hands were a little cold and startled me and she said they would warm up. She then slid one hand down my back to the "T" of my thong and began to rub my pantyass. Her hands we so soft against my shaved bottom. My cock began to grow as she reached to my sholders again and turned me around. She cupped my tits encased in the lacy bra then slid her had into the cup and readjusted my tits one at a time reveling at my smooth boobs held up by the 40c bra. Now facing me she slid a hand down into the front of my thong and realesed my 8 inches of throbing hardness. She commented about how smooth it was as she bent down and kissed it. She began to swirl her tounge around my cockhead and then took me into her mouth and sucked me for what felt like an eternity of pleasure. I reached for her rather large tits and began to fondle them. She came up for air and I took off her top and her bra which had to be at least a 42DD. She sat down and I slid my cock between those magnificant tits. As I shot my load of cum she took me again into her mouth to finish me off. We both smiled and I said I would wear my purchases. She cut off the tags, rang me up and said any time you feel the need to shop come in around 12:30 and I will take care of you personally, again. That experience was truly spectacular and I'll make sure I shop at Frederick's again and often.

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