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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Birlington Coat Factory

Went into the neighborhood BCF for the first time ever last week, heard about some great deals on lingerie they have there. Well came to looking around after I had scoped out the junior sections with alot of hot lacey cami tops that turned me on, also my heart was pounding when I got to go to the section where all the mix and match women's bathing suits were, had to pick myself out a few black camis and some cute french cut bikini bottoms ($2 each on sale) that I knew I could rush home to try on in front of the mirror. I picked out some sexy bikini tops that didn't match the bikini bottoms that I new I could see myself wearing as well with my nice tan body.
When I went to the lingerie department to shop for what was suppose to be a few pairs of thongs or lacey g-strings and some sexy see-thru bras for my new gf I was greeted by two young Latina gals (may'be 20yrs old) who wanted to know if they could help me. I just told them I was looking for something sexy for my new blond gf. They proceeded to take me too many different racks and the best was where they showed me a sexy lacey trimmed bustiers (only $9.99 ea) with bows and eyeholes. They told me they thought she would really like something like that. They were really falling for the line that they were for my gf. They also showed me too many different racks of matching bras and panties and it really turned me on when they asked me what size my new gf was. Of course, I knew to tell them she was well built like me, and I guess she was at least a 36 c or d cup and a hot size 6 panties.

Both girls were wearing white shirts with hot tight bras that were showing thru their shirt and had on tight dress pants with nice tight asses where I could almost make out their thongs underneath that they were wearing. Well safe to say I picked out a couple 36d matching bra and sexy decorated panty sets that I couldn't wait to take home and try on in front of the mirror and stroke and play with my sensitive nipples with. Also had great sales on panties in a bin for $1 a pair, found many sexy thongs that I grabbed and looked at later when I got home and was very surprised at how much they turned me on when I tried them on.

What a great shopping experience being helped my two great looking Latina gals and coming out of BCF with cami tops, sexy bathing suits, matching bra and thong panty sets for less than $50.

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