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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Pantyhose Buying

My female friends are amazed that I purchase pantyhose on my own and always ask if I'm given a hard time about it. I've never been given a hard time but do have a couple of funny experiences.
1. I was in K-Mart and they had a sale on No Nonsense STW multi-packs so I thought I'd grab one because they make good "every day" hose. The sales girl began ringing up my items. When she came to the pantyhose she held them up for all to see and said with a slight giggle "wear these often?" I replied, "why yes I do, I'm wearing them right now, wouldn't be caught in an emergency room without them." She then looked startled and intrigued and slyly whispered "really, why do you wear them." I replied, "they feel great and make my legs look good, what's not to like?" She just nodded her head and smiled. No one in line said anything to me.

2. I was purchasing a pair of Legg's Regular at the Supermarket along with my weekly groceries. The sales girl picked up the pantyhose and stated "oh, my, how terrible that your wife made you purchase her pantyhose." I replied "I don't have a wife." She looked puzzled and then said "well, your girlfriend." I then said "no girlfriend, but I've got a boyfriend." She turned beet red and then asked "well then you wear them?" and I replied "sure, they feel great, make my legs look good and I think they are sexy." She continued to blush and said "what does your boyfriend think?" I replied "he hates them, but I don't care because I've already told him that if he makes me chose he loses and the pantyhose win." At that I thought she was going to fall over if I touched her with a feather!

I've had excellent customer service in the Hanes Outlets. I believe the Associates assume the pantyhose are for me and they don't give me any grief. As a matter of fact they go out of their way to help me.

I've also been given excellent customer service in Hosiery at Macy's, Hecht's, Lord & Taylor and Belk.

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