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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Thought She Already Knew

So I have been buying my pantyhose from the same woman, in the same store for several months now, and I just assumed that she knew the pantyhose were for me. In fact, on my second visit she asked me "Are those for you?" when I had put a pair of pantyhose on the counter. (I had purchased several pairs the day before.) I just smiled and was a little embarrassed, and left it at that. Anyway, I was in the store today and I got two pairs of Legg's sheer energy. She had asked if they were on sale, I said they were, then I added that "I thought I had stockings at home, but when I was getting ready for work this morning I realized I did not. (I ran my last pair on Saturday.)" It took her a few seconds but she looked up & was like "What did you just say?" So I repeated that "I thought I had stockings at home but realized this morning that I didn't." She just grinned, put the hose in a bag and said "Well here you go." It is such an absolute turn on letting people know that I wear pantyhose!!!

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