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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: First Time Admission

So I decided that today was the day. The day that I went out and actually confessed to store clerks that I wore women's underwear and asked to try things on in the store. I called ahead to several stores to make sure that they were "friendly". All said yes, even Victoria's Secret. I drove about an hour from where I live so that I could avoid running into anyone I knew and also because there are almost no friendly stores in my town. I even called the local VS and asked if they were CD friendly and the salesgirl on the phone was like, "Excuse me?" I just said, "All right, thanks", and hung up. I don't need to give the local shop my business if the one just an hour away is ready and willing to help. So, anyway.
I get to the mall about 40 minutes after opening and decide to look around a bit since I don't know where VS is at. I find it but it's a little too crowded and I'm a little too nervous about going in so I walk on by and walk around the mall a little longer. After about ten to fifteen minutes I decide to go back and there is nobody left in the store besides one customer and about 3-4 sales ladies. I walk in and start looking around, being asked if I needed help several times, always saying no while trying to get my courage up to just ask. So finally, one of the ladies asks me again and I said that I was told they were a "friendly" store and could I be measured for a bra and try some things on. "Sure, not a problem". So she measured me and asked what cup size I was thinking and what styles I was looking at. I picked a few and she got them for me and brought me back to the dressing room. Then she went to find some more things for me. SHE WAS SOOOO HELPFUL AND KIND!! So I tried them all on and only two of the five worked so I walked out of the dressing room to a lady standing right outside it looking at panties. She was the only person who gave me a sideways look the whole day! After that, it was on. I bought two bras from VS, signed up for the Angels credit card, went to the mall restroom to put one of my new purchases on, and took my other one to the car. I then went back in to JCPenney to buy some panties and nobody said a word to me about that either. I bought seven new pairs of panties and they are all beautiful. After leaving the mall there was a lingerie boutique that I wanted to check out so I drove over there. The ladies there were so helpful too and I wound up buying more than I expected. I just was looking for bras and panties today but there I wound up buying a nightie with a matching g-string, a great pair of platform heels (i have never worn heels in my life!), and I even bought some breast forms. WOW, WHAT A DAY!!!! It was very awesome and I will definitely be doing it again in the near future!!!

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