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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Ordered By Mistress

My next task has been received from Mistress Emily, I have to put on her panties again and wear them all day at work. At lunch, I have been instructed to go to Marks & Spencer or British Home Stores and go into the Lingerie Department. There I must browse the underwear, touching the lovely fabrics, whilst having my hand in my pocket to feel the panties I am wearing and my growing erection.
I am a little nervous about going into those shops, especially at lunch as it will be busy. But I will do as my mistress commands.

I go and put on the panties, I am starting to get used to wearing these now, but they still excite me, the thought that Mistress Emily's warmth has been rubbing against them before I received them. I sniff and lick them as allowed before putting them on, the taste is still there and is heavenly.

It gets to lunchtime and I make my walk into the City Centre. Marks & Spencer is closer so I decide to carry out my task in there. I walk in the main entrance and look for signs towards the lingerie, my heart is pumping as the nerves come, I hope no one sees me with my hand in my pocket and think I am a dirty pervert. How bad would it be if I got marched out by security!!

I go up some stairs and am fronted by the Lingerie Department. I scope out where the tills are and try to keep as far away as possible, the floor seems quite empty and so I am hoping I can avoid contact with anyone whilst in here. I walk around the cotton knickers trying to find the sexier stuff, although I was wondering how much sexy lingerie Marks & Spencer did, maybe I took the wrong choice.

Finally I turned a corner and found some nice silky bras and panties. But they were really in the open and in view of anyone in there! Deep breath and I walked up to them, as instructed I caress the fabrics, feeling the lace and silk, while at the same time having my hand in my pocket, thinking about how I was wearing panties myself. I got hard very quickly and started to not worry about anyone around. The panties felt so nice, I wanted to buy them all and cover myself with them!

I got startled out of my daze by someone behind me, it was a shop assistant, she asked if I needed any help? I kept my hand in my pocket as if I had taken it out my very erect penis would have surely been visible. I stuttered that I was looking for a Valentines present for a loved one (thank god for Valentines Day tomorrow!!!!). She was being very helpful, obviously mistaking my embarrassment as being alone in a Lingerie Department and not being in womens panties with a huge erection. She led me around the department to another aisle of sexy lingerie, even picking up some pairs and giving them to me to feel! It was so difficult to control myself. Eventually I had to make my excuses and leave.

I rushed out of the store into the outside, I was still so aroused, I walked without my hand in my pocket as I wanted to get back as soon as possible, I am sure it would have been visible to people.

Back at the office, I immediately went to the toilet as requested by Mistress Emily. She did not want any pre-cum spoiling her panties, so I had to wipe any off. I had been so turned on that there was quite a lot, but I managed to get most of it off.

Then sat in my office for most of the rest of the afternoon, fantasising about all those panties, the ones I had on, getting to meet Mistress Emily one day, everything, so much so that I had to go back to the toilets to wipe away pre-cum on more than one occasion.

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