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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Walmart Wonder

So i knew this day would come eventually, the day that my fetish for wearing panties outgrew my supply that of which belonged solely to my mothers panties. I started when I was 12 and I have been addicted to her panties ever since. But last night I couldnt wait till she left for work the next day to try on a new panty. I know my mom has bought some real nice pairs in the past couple weeks and as much as i do get a kinky tabooish rush out of wearing my own mothers panties, tonight i couldnt wait. I was too horny and really felt like doing something I considered to be out on the lim. I have contemplated over and over and came close a couple times, but so far the trill of panty shopping in major chain department store had eluded me. Well I went into Walmart, its a big 24 hour one and I have been in there enough to know when it would be impossible to discreetly purchase some new panties. Well for the first time there was no checker on duty, they before shut the self checkout lanes and keep one human cashier throughout the night. And I am all about being discreet but the consequences out weighed nothing on the side of the positive jolt of horny energy that I got as I scoped out the lingerie section of the store. Well long story short I got four great new pairs, and the thought of being caught by an employee or customer as I joyishly picked out styles and started just... shopping... Quite a rush. The Walmart is perfect the way they barracaded the panty section from outside onlookers, obviously a worthy thing for a company to do if they want women comfortablly shopping for their undies. Well thanks Walmart because it also works to conceal nasty bi perverts out to get their panty fix. I got outside and felt so horny, I stripped down inside my car and examined and placed on my body one of the panty pairs I had just purchased.

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