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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping Advice

Whenever I'm gonna go and buy panties, I normally will have on a pair to give me some encouragment, what I'll normally do is when I'm in an isle with panties, I'll crouch down so that people can't see me standing in the isle. It may look alittle funny, but hey, if someone walks by, they'll think you're just looking at something on the bottom rack. I'll look through, see what I want to get and then just go purchase them. I use to be a really chicken about buying them for myself, but when I buy them, nobody knows who they are for, I could be buying them for a girlfriend or a gift for someone. Also, when I go panty shopping, I always see alot of other guys browsing around the lingerie section also, don't know if they are buying for themselves, but that's the beauty of it, you just don't know. Just go and do it and don't be afraid!!

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