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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Pretty Panties

I bought a pair of semi sheer juniors cargo pants that you could just see my pink panties through. Went out to the mall to VS to buy a couple more thongs. I dropped the bag in the store and a younger lady was waiting in line behind me and remarked how pretty my panties were that were showing above my low rise pants. I was a little shocked but said thanks and she asked if I wore panties all the time. I said yes and we talked while she paid for her purchase and as we were walking out of the store she asked if I ever wore anything else. Again I advised that I did sometimes. with a sly smile on her face she stated that if I would try a dress on at one of the stores and wear it while we walked out of the mall she would buy it for me. Free clothes, what do you think said. YES I was not wearing any makeup or wig but it sounded fun so we went into wet seal and she picked out a short crocheted type dress and I went and tried it on. When I came out and said it fit good she paid and ask the salesgirl if I could put it on to wear it out, she looked a little shocked but said ok. I put the dress on with no bra or boobs so I looked very flat. Put my clothes in the bag except for my tennis shoes which I had to wear with no socks to make it look a little better. My pink panties were quite visible through the fabric. I walked back out into the store and the lady smiled and said let's go, we walked down the mall towards the exit with many folks doing a double take. After we got to the lot she gave me her number and said if I wanted to do anything wild and crazy again she would help. We parted ways and my heart was still beating a mile a minute as I remembered I still had to drive home about 20 miles away with nothing on but a short dress and bright pink panties. To end a good day I made it home safely and into the house before my wife came home, laid down on the bed with the panties on and enjoyed myself. Got up and put my jeans back on with my cum filled panties just as my wife came home. I am really looking forward to calling and setting up another fun time.

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