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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Caught Shopping

The Victoria's Secret sale is on and I take advantage of looking through the bins and buying new panties. Yesterday I took an early lunch and was running a couple of errands. I ended up, not planned, in a Victoria's Secret store not too far from work. The store was busy with women buying lingere. I went over to the bins that had my size and started looking. I found one thong when when of the clerks came over and asked if I needed any assistance. I told her the two particular styles of thongs I wanted, one mesh and one cotton. She looked for a couple of minutes in other bins and then offered a couple of thongs that were similar, but not what I was looking for. She was being helpful, so I told her they were nice, but I knew they just didn't fit me right. The ones I was looking for fit me very nicely and were very comfortable. And then I again told her what I wanted. She looked a bit longer and then left to help someone else. A couple of minutes later a hand reached over with just the mesh thongs I wanted and asked if these were the panties I liked. As I took them and was saying "yes", I looked up and saw they were being offered by a woman from my office! I think I must have looked shocked as we held the panties. She just went on and said I heard you tell the clerk what panties you wear and went looking. She continued to hold them and asked again if they were the thongs I liked to wear. I nodded yes. She handed them to me and asked what size bra I wore. About this time I regained my voice and said no, I just wear panties. She suggested I buy my panties and then we go to lunch. At lunch she was far more collected than I was. She told me my secret was safe if I would answer all her questions about my panty wearing. I figured in for a dime, in for a dollar and we talked about my panty wearing for about 45 minutes. When, how long, what type, why, how many and on and on. Now to see if she keeps her part of the bargin.

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