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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Coming Out

I had made up my mind and I set out today to buy myself a bodysuit. For years now I have been shopping and bought plenty of panties, bras and camisoles, always on the pretence that I was shopping for my wife. I thought it best if I rang the store I was going to and tell them I wanted to do some personal shopping and would they be prepared to help me. I was going to do this after I finished work at 11.00am. Well I couldn't make the call and decided I would just wing it. Upon arrival the manager was extremely helpful to me in selecting another black bra, panty and camisole set. I chickened out on the bodysuit. I drove off happy with my purchases, but dissappointed in myself for not having the courage to get what I really wanted. So I went to the mall and found myself a beautiful electric blue chemise and panty to sleep in tonight. (Something about retail therapy when you are depressed!) Back into the car and off home. But, I told myself I was gutless and promptly went back to the original shop. I walked straight in and there was no one to be seen. So I started looking at the bodysuits. I was picking out the one I liked the most when I heard from near the back of the store, "Can I help you". "Yes, please" I replied. "I am looking at something here" The manager came over and said. "You were in earlier, back so soon?" This was the critical moment and I blurted out. "What I bought earlier was not for my wife, but for myself and I really would like a bodysuit". Almost immediately I felt a burden lifted from my shoulders. This is the only person besides my wife, and possibly my mother who caught me wearing her intimates when I was young, who knows I wear ladies lingerie. "Oh, I wished you had have told me before" she said. "I have men coming in here all the time shopping for themselves. Lingerie is so lovely to wear and I don't see why women should have all the enjoyment". Boy, did I feel good after that. Between us we selected a lovely white bodysuit with light blue flowers in the side panels. Upon her advice I chose a size larger than my normal size as apparently it fits better. Well she was right. It does and it feels so smooth against my skin. I know where I will be going without hesitation next time.

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