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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: My Lingerie Store

I own and manage a small lingerie store in a quiet, upscale shopping area. It had been a few weeks since I had first seen this young man in my store. He was handsome, with a preppy hair cut and a sweet smile. He had told me he was shopping for a gift, but at one point when he was kneeling down I had seen that he was wearing a pair of white lace panties under his jeans.
May I be of some assistance?, I asked.


OK...and just so you know, this is a very slow time in the store so if you were interested in trying some things on, I would be able to give you my full attention.

Try things on?

Oh, I just assumed you were shopping for yourself. Forgive me, if I was mistaken. I have a few young men like yourself who like to wear lingerie.

Well, I

Tell you what, go into the far dressing room and get undressed. I

But I...

I think it is very sexy to see guys in women

He stepped into the dressing room and I closed the curtain behind him, leaving it open a bit so I could see him strip down in the reflection of the mirror. As I watched him disrobe, a gorgeaous, fit body emerged and also the most beautiful, huge cock. I couldn

Are you naked?, I asked.

Yes mam., he replied in a cute, bashfull way.

I opened the curtain and looked him over. He was tan and had almost no body hair, including a bald pubic area.

Do you shave yourself, if I may ask?

Uh, yes I do.

I like it like that. By the way, what is your name?


Mine is Jessie. OK...I brought these panties that I think would fit you well.

He gingerly put them on. They were totally sheer and hugged his tight butt and penis so perfectly.

My, those look exquisite Danny. Step out here and look in the mirror.

He stepped in front of a full mirror just outside the dressing room. I noticed that his cock was getting much harder and filling out the front of the panties.

How do you like those?

I think they

They are very expensive. The finest French material. Go ahead and touch the fabric.

He felt down and right onto his bulge and then around to his ass. The head of his cock was swollen and I was getting so turned on. I just wanted to drop to my knees and take him into my mouth. I could practically taste how it would feel to have him explode into my mouth.

Danny, take those off and I

He pulled the panties off and his engorged cock sprang up.

Danny, you have a beautiful cock. Do you mind me saying that.

No Jessie, I like that you like it.

You are making me excited too, Danny. Does that make you uncomfortable?

No, to be honest I have been in here before and I have been..well...I

Really Danny?

Of course, I think you are beautiful.

I looked at him and sat on the small cushioned bench that was next to the dressing room. I wasn

Danny, I want you to feel free to come in here anytime you want. I have a few assistants who I will tell to give you the same attention I gave you. You are to feel free to satisfy their needs as well...I don

Thank you Jessie, he replied.

Now it

Hi Kim! I

Hi Jessie, do you need me to bring you anything?

Yes, actually. Grab a pair of white stockings.

Danny looked at me with the most panic-stricken face. I smiled and said Kim was totally cool and would love to see him dressed up. Just then she turned the corner and saw Danny in his little yellow dress.

Oh, hi. You look so cute. I


She politely shook his hand and I noticed her steal a long look at his still swollen cock which was clearly visable through the sheer dress. I realized these two would be such a great match and I found myself blurting out,

Kim, would you mind helping Danny with his further shopping needs while I run a grab us all a few coffees, that is if you don

Danny answered, No, that would be fine.

Later that day, when I was alone with Kim, she told me that she was so attracted to Danny that she kept fumbling with things and at one point their heads bumped when they both went to pick something up. I asked if anything had happened between them and she told me the hottest story. She said that he was curious about wearing a thong but knew it would be innapropriate to try one on because of how they were designed. She began to blush and he asked if anything was wrong. She admitted that she had always had a fantasy about rimming an asshole and she was blushing because she was thinking that if he was really lean around his ass he could try in the thong. She said that he said it was his fantasy too and had always been embarresed to admit it to anyone. He then politely said if she wanted, he would try it first on her. She said that she just nodded and pulled down her pants and got on her knees. He knelt down behind her and gently parted her ass cheeks. I was getting so wet listening to her story that my panties were soaking wet. She said that he tenderly licked the edges of her asshole and would flick his tongue into it. After licking her like that for awhile, he turned her over and ate her pussy, sucking on her clit until she came. She said that when it was her turn she first had him put on a pair of sheer black stockings with a lace trim. He lay on his back and she pushed one leg up very far to give access to his ass. She said he was just a little sweaty and loved licking all around his balls and smiled when she said Of course I sucked his cock too.. I smiled as well, thinking of how much I loved his cock in my mouth. When she was done with her story she actually hugged me and said she loved working in my store so much. We both exclaimed how we couldn

Oh Kim, I replied, I would love that so much.

I would even lick your butthole like I did Danny

Kim, nothing would make me a happier.

Oh good!

Then she kissed me again and said, Maybe Danny could watch us.

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