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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping At Mall

I went to a mall about 25 miles from home. I was off on vacation and had the day to myself. I went to hot topic and immediatley saw a pair of leopard thi-hi's. I could'nt resist so I carried them to the counter where a beautiful girl about 20 years old rang them up. She said "nice choice", i have a leopard mini skirt and bra that goes with it. Before I could say anything she grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the store. Without saying a word, she grabbed a mini skirt from the shelf and held it to my waist saying that it would fit perfectly. She led me to the dressing room and suggested that I try it on. No one else in the store so why not. She disappeared and I put the skirt on, Before I had it completely on, she pulled the curtain back and thought I needed the thi-hi's on as well. She handed me the thi hi's and a matching bra and I was hard as a rock. I put everything on and stepped out of the dressing room, not visable to the store. She was waiting for me and said how nice it looked. She noticed the wedding ring and asked if my wife knew. I said "not a clue". She replied "I get alot of that". She asked me to turn around so she could see the back. I did and she said I looked great. She asked how I managed to shave my legs without my wife knowing I dressed. Before I could answer, she said that her boyfriend would'nt dress for her and that she thought it was sexy. She noticed that I was hard as a rock and she playfully suggested that I put away before she did something silly. I said that I loved silly. She went to the front of the store and pulled the bars down and locked it. She returned and dropped her pants and she was wearing the same leopard panties and thi-hi's. She walked over to me and pulled her shirt off on the way. She was wearing the exact same thing that I was wearing. She reached inside my skirt and stroked my hard cock. She layed down on the floor and offered her feet. I licked her foot while her other foot pressed against my cock. I layed on top of her and tried to fuck her but she said that I could'nt do that. She rolled over and spread her ass and said that I could have that. I rammed my cock in her asshole and she turned her head so we could kiss while I fucked her. She was so hot!!! I came in her ass and we both got dressed. I paid for the additional items and she winked at me when she handed me my receipt and told me to "come again".

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