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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping Surprise

While recently shopping in walmart and trying to discretely pick panties, I was observed by a gentlemen in security who was more than a little interested. I had picked a package of cotton thongs and he stopped me and casually slipped me a paper with a phone number and the message "call me" I was so nervous, I trembled as I paid and hurried to my car and unable to resist the urge, I called him from my cell...He told me he would die to see me in panties and had an apartment nearby. My resistance was nil and I waited for him to come out, then followed him a few miles to an apartment complex. My heart pounded as we climbed the steps and entered his place. He asked if I minded if he kissed me and I said no and that melted all the inhibitions I had. I went into the bathroom to change and put on a black thong and short nylon t and slipped a wide black silk choker snuggly around my neck. Just as I finished changing, the door swung open and Ben was there only in linen pj bottoms, I could see his erection growing and he moved up behind me, tweaking my nipples and rubbing his cock into my crack, one hand reaching up to my choker and pulling it a little tighter, he took control, his lips found the back of my neck kissing, then nipping around the silk, one hand carresing my breast while the other fondled my cock through my panties. He pushed me down, leaning over the vanity and found my pucker with a finger, then lubing me up, added another to open me, talking to me, telling me to ask for it and I did. Fuck me I said, please fuck me and I reach around pulling his cock toward me, guiding him to my hole, feeling the pressure and the pain as he pushed to get in, then when the head pushed past my ring, holding him still, relaxing for the next push, then pulling him to me as I opened up and let his thick cock fill me, as he began to fuck me, he reached for my choker and tightened a little and he was in total control. He fucked me until my legs began to shake uncontrollably and I begged him to come. He jacked me off as he filled me with blast after blast and I too came into the sink, collapsing in a heap. He sank to his knees and pulled my cheeks apart and kissed and sucked me until I begged him to stop, then he pulled me up and turned me around and kissed me deeply and our great fuck was exchanged all over again in a kiss. I see him every few weeks and am totally satisfied in every way,what a feeling.

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