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Title: Panty Girls Spring Break

Damn! Spring Break is in full effect! You wouldn?t believe some of the parties we went to last night. We leave for Rosarito Beach in Mexico tomorrow! I?m packing all my favorite short skirts and sexy thongs. I want to be a total slut this week! I got the sluttest little bikini too. Check it out! I got it from Wicked Weasel. I got the pink one, and I love how you can see my pussy right through it. I?m going to have to shave my pussy bald tonight! I usually keep my pussy hairy, but very trimmed. Will be nice to have a shaved pussy this week!
I wanted to tell you about the last time I got my friend to come the other night. He had been fucking me, and abusing me all night. He gagged me with my roommate?s panties, and fucked me with him on top most of the night, but the last time I got to ride him. I had taken the panties out of my mouth, and we were sharing a cigarette. I was rubbing his cock and licking his nipple inbetween puffs. I was happy when I started feeling him get hard again because I needed some more cum! We finished the cigarette, and I got on top of him backwards. His cock slipped right in since my pussy was prelubed with two loads of cum he gave me earlier! I was leaning forward with my hands on his knees for awhile. Grinding like that. He was pulling on my hair really hard. Finally he pulled me so I was lying on my back on top of him. While I was still riding him he grabbed what he thought were my panties, and put the crotch right over my nose and mouth! Gabbing at the top of leg holes he pulled the panties tight around my face! It felt so good riding him with those panties over my face? I couldn?t see, because the butt part was over my eyes. I was getting sweaty, and it made the panties stink even more! I had to get off of him a couple times, take the panties off my face to suck him off, but finally got that third cum load I needed! I was licking on his balls when he pushed my head back, and was twitching. I knew what was coming and opened my mouth to catch his warm cum. Most of the time I spit it out. I think it looks sexy when it?s all over a girl?s face. Plus, then I can play with it, but I had the panties around my neck, and cum would be a dead giveaway to my roommate something was up, so I had to make sure I got every drop, and swallowed! Thank god it was the third time he came that night so I didn?t have much I had to keep off the panties!
That night when my roommate was sleeping I snuck her panties back into her dirty clothes! She wore them to workout in all week after that. I?ve been stealing sniffs of them whenever she?s not around, and I can. It doesn?t take long now for me to cum when I smell her pussy scent on her panties, because I just think back to the night I got fucked and fucked while being engulfed with that smell!

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