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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Hot Pantyhose Sex

I?m going out with Mike tomorrow night. He asked me to wear one of the pairs of pantyhose that he bought for me all day at work today and then wear the same pantyhose on our date tomorrow night. I got my pantyhose nice and dirty all day long, ready for tomorrow night. Well back to the end of our date last weekend. At this point my pantyhose were well used. There was cum on the leg of the panthose and leaking out of my pussy onto the crotch. Mike took my shoes off and started licking my toes right through my pantyhose. I?ve always liked it when guys suck on my toes, but having it done through the nylon was new to me! It felt so good having his tongue sliding between my toes and getting my pantyhose all wet! It only took a few minutes for me to cum. He made his way up my pantyhose leg to my nylon covered wet pussy. He got my pantyhose all wet licking my pussy and spreading all my pussy juices all over his dried cum that was already all over the pantyhose crotch. I came again with him licking my pussy right through the nylon! After that he said that couldn?t take it anymore and had to have his hard cock inside me. He ripped the crotch of my pantyhose making enough room to slide his cock in. He came inside me. We have the hottest pantyhose sex! It just keeps getting better and better! He fucked me again in my seriously used pantyhose before we passed out. In the middle of the night we were spooning and his hand touched my nylon covered leg. I felt his cock stiffen up and I guided it into the hole he had ripped into my pantyhose. After a few minutes I mounted him and rode him until we both came together. In the morning before I showered I had to peel those ripped panthose off me. The nylon was sticking to me on the insides of my thighs from our cum that had dried. I didn?t throw the pantyhose away even though they were so dirty and torn. I wanted a little something to thing back to my night of hot pantyhose sex! I tucked them into my bottom drawer for later.

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