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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Christmas Panty Tease

Hi guy's, here is a Christmas "Panty Tease" story that I hope will make your Holiday season a happy one! I was on my computer in a chat room talking with a few guys, as I often did. This one guy, Johnny, and I chatted for a good solid hour and we were both excited when we discovered we lived in the same town. How often does that happen, right? As luck would have it, through conversation, I determined that he and my hubby had a lot in common when it came to their fetish for womens panties and when I told Johnny how hot it made my hubby to see me teasing and pleasing another man with my pantied private parts, he turned into instant silly putty. He gave me his phone number and then we both logged off our computers and I called him. We talked for about another hour or so when I told him I'd meet with him the following day at Starbucks. That evening when my hubby got home from work, I told him about Johnny and he was immediately turned on.
The following morning, before going to work,my hubby helped dress me up to meet with Johnny. Nothing fancy of course, just a tight red sweater dress that went down 4-5 inches above the knee, black pumps, black stockings, with a white garter belt and white nylon panties. I got there early and grabbed a great table towards the back. About 15 minutes later, Johnny walked in, got his Latte and was eyballing my legs the whole time he waited for his beverage. I gave him my smile of approval but I think he already knew I was the one there to meet him. There were only 2 other women in the place, both wearing pants. Johnny joined me and as we talked, I crossed and uncrossed my legs continuously, giving him plenty of nice long peeks at my pretty white pantycrotch. He wasted no time telling me how peeking at my panties was making him rock hard. We talked and flirted for about an hour and when all the other customers had finally left for work, I got up to get another Latte. But, as I stood up, I tugged my sweater skirt up around my waist and headed over to the counter area. As I walked, I could feel my sweater dress crawling up higher. By the time I got to the Cashier, my dress was up high enough in the back so that my white nylon pantied ass was almost fully exposed. I paid for another Latte and then kind of strutted around so that Johnny could enjoy checking out my panty clad fanny and crotch. When I got back to our table, I sat my drink down and then slowly pulled my little sweater dress back down, real sexy like. Johnny was litterally drooling over me and begging me to let him see my ass again. I downed my Latte and had him walk me to my car. Then I asked him if he'd like to help me act out one of my Panty Fantasies. He eagerly said, "Yes please!!!". I then told him to meet me at the Mall and that he would be purchasing Twelve pairs of panties for me. I was very specific about style, color, size and brand. We met at the mall and I picked out my undies with him, making sure to hold them up as if I was trying them on for him. When we left the store, I said, "okay Johnny follow me home and I'll show you why my hubby calls me his little "PantySlut."
On the way home, I called my husband to make sure he was there and he was.... sporting a big boner in antcipation too. Once in my driveway, Johnny met me at the door and we went in. I had him sit down on our sofa and then I took all of the panties out of the bag and took the price tags and such off Then I pulled my sweater dress completely off, standing in front of him in just my bra, panties, stockings and heels. "Which pair would you like me to try on first, "I said. He just sat their speechless so I slowly slipped off the pretty white panties I had on and handed them to him, and then grabbed the first pair of panties on the pile, and slid them on. "Go ahead, you can touch...tell me what you think," I said. In an instant, he had both hands on my panties, feeling my ass and pussy out really good. I giggled and wiggled around as he groped my panties and stockings. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my husband peering through the hallway door at us. "Now kiss my panty crotch Johnny and my ass too...! I'm going to try each pair on and I want you to kiss and sniff and fondle each pair and tell me what you favorite is."

Long story short, I slipped into each pair, one at a time and pretty much wiggled my pantied ass and pussy in his face. My hubby stood their in the hallway, with the door cracked, jacking off each time Johnny burried his face into my panty crotch. By the time we got to the 12th pair, I was so horny I slipped my bra off and flopped my titties around in Johnny's face. Once he had sampled all 12 pairs of my new panties, he picked out a pair of white nylon Vanity Fairs that he liked the best. I had him lay down on the couch and I pulled his hard cock out of his pants. Then I climbed on top of him and brought my pantied fanny and muff to rest on his face. I then took the pair of panties he had picked out as his favorites and slid them around his cock and started to stroke him, nice and slow through the silky, nylon material. For me being a naughty PantyWife, this is one of the ultimate turn on's for me. Stroking a mans cock wrapped in a pair of my pretty panties while I'm grinding my pantied ass and pussy over his mouth and just doesn't get any better for a PantyTease, especially if her hubby's in the other room watching with pure pleasure too!!! Johnny had my pantied clit in his mouth and was munching down. I new I was going to explode so I started jacking him off faster and I exposed just the head of his cock above the panties. With my slutties smile, I looked over and grinned at my hubby and then I gave the head of Johnnys cock some lollypop licks. With one hand, I let my long red fingernails tease and taunt his balls as I panty stroked him with the other hand. The head of his cock began to swell so I ingulfed it in my mouth and then swirled my hot tongue around it for about 10 seconds. Johnny started flopping around like a piece of sizzling bacon but I held him there firmly. All at once, the head of his cock spewed thick hot cum all over my face and hair. I too, lost control and
started gushing cum as Johnny's tongue flickered across my pantied clit. I milked his balls and used the silky Vanity Fair panties to clean all of his cum off of my face. We both gained our composure and he couldn't begin to tell me how turn on he was. He said his wife had never, ever let him enjoy his panty fetish the way I did. I told him we'd get together again for sure and I kind of hurried him out the door. I wanted my hubby to finish me off and he did just that. I got a good panty spanking for being a naughty girl and then Mike fucked me hard like the little tease that I am.

Needless to say, the 3 of us met a few days later and Johnny became one of my regular Panty Dates when we lived there. He and Mike hit it off from day one.

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