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Title: The Pain Of Panty Showing

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL, i did a lot of gardening outside, and spent a lot of time working around my front lawn and front gardens.
I tend to absolutely get lost in my pantyworld at times like this, and I was in one of those, "gotta play with her over and over" moods. You know, where it doesn't take much extra excitement and you're back in the bedroom playing alone, over and over all day. A WONDERFUL WAY TO PASS THE TIME!!

I had a lot of PANTY visions going through my mind as i bent over and planted a few hundred flowers. I would catch myself smiling at the thought of a particular pantyman. ohhhhhhhhhhhh the joy of knowing somone else's turn on, the sheer excitement of just knowing such intimate details of a panty lover.

ahhhhhh yessssssssss --- just the THOUGHT, that i was showing off my pretty panties on the front lawn all day. Just the chance, that a pantylover driving by might spot them.

This line of thinking drives me crazy, and it's all the better for me when i slip off and play again and again. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I wore green cotton shorts, and pink panties with just a little sheer mesh on the sides with satin X's, they are very soft and i love the feel of them. Over and over, i would reach behind my back and do a quick check and fingertip touch. My panties were definitely on display when i was planting, squatting, moving around this and that.

For hours, I would bend down, and feel the warm air on my back, knowing full well that my panties could be spotted every time i squatted. This drove me to 5 sessions of play time, seeking my toys, and laying back with visions of a pantyman with me, playing with me and my panties. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I would imagine a drive by spotting, and my pantyman turning around to check out my panties as long as possible, driving by again, by chance. I would imagine how turned on he would get to see me bent over, wanting to rub his hard pantycock into my soft pantycovered ass as i planted my flowers, hahhaha.

I would then run in to use my toys, lost in my world, wanting to play, closing my eyes and just imagining it. I would tease him, and when he's had enough, invite him in to my room, to share my playtime.

I'd be on all 4s, with my pantycovered ass ready for him to feel, and grind into as he slid his hand up, and cupped my pantycovered mound, sliding his hand between my legs, parting my lips, and continuing to "pantyfuck" my ass and make me CRAZY. ahhhhhhhhhh i'd flip over, and use my toys, as his tongue, as he pushed it into my panties, pushing my soft panties into my needy hole.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so many fun things to think of, so many thoughts to make my panties creamy wet, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so much enjoyment.

Until night time, when i changed from shorts, and realized, my tank had been rising up my back, my shorts pulled lower, my panties showing, and the spot where i could feel the warm air, was now a sunburn. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
it still stings .. as i sit here at work typing this out ... but it's such a pleasant memory, i really don't mind the pain that much . hahahhah

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