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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Sex At The Movies

I wanted to tell you guys all about my date on Saturday. Mike showed up bearing gifts. He brought me several pairs of pantyhose to make up for ripping my other pair last Sunday. Of course I had to show my appreciation by kissing him which led to me pulling his cock out and sucking on it until he bent me over the back of the couch, pulling my pantyhose down with one hand and guiding his thick shaft into my juicy pussy with the other. Needless to say, we got a late start to our evening! Good thing it was the weekend, or we might have had a hard time finding a resteraunt that was still open! After dinner we went to a late movie. I was having a hard time concentrating because his hand was gently stroking my pantyhose leg and giving me the shivers. I could feel his warm cum dripping down my pantyhose. I pushed his hand further up my nylon covered leg. He didn?t need to be asked twice, and started fingering my clit right through my pantyhose. He leaned over and whispered that it was making him so hard touching my wet pussy right through my pantyhose! That was all I could take, and I reached over and started stroking his hard cock right through his pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants to give me full access. After a couple of minutes I just had to get that thick piece of meat in my mouth! Good thing that there was only one other couple in the theater and they weren?t sitting close to us! After a few minutes, I felt like he was about to cum. He gently pushed my face away and blew his load all over my pantyhose leg. We got out of there after that, since we hadn?t been paying attention to the movie anyway.

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