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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: My Sweaty Panties

There a guy in the neighborhood thats been hot for me for some time now. He's made lewd suggestions and has been all around disrespectful. I have been working on my place painting and cleaning for the last two days and have been unable to shower. So as you can imagine my panties are soaked with my sweaty scent.Anyways this guy comes over when he see's me taking out the garbage and walks over and says "you look tired, bet you could use a backrub. "I know this a ploy for him to get some pussy and I am super annoyed, but I thought what a better to get back at him than by having a little fun. By a little fun I mean stringing him along and making him think he's going to get some but instead forcing him to smell my dirty panties. So I tell him what I'd really like is to smother his face with my pussy, but that I'll only do it if I can tie him up and blindfold him. So he totally agrees and before I know it I have him in my garage on a blanket I spreaded out on the floor. I can hear him breathing harder in anticipation as I am tying his hands and blindfolding him. He's smiling the whole time thinking he's going to get a taste of it. When I am smiling inside, knwoing he is going to a a smell of a lifetime up close and personal. I see his cock so hard through his pants as if its going to bust his jeans. Once he is tied I straddle his face but instead of my sweet pussy on his lips.. I take my crotch with the smelly panties on and shove it over his mouth and nose. He begins to protest saying "I can't taste you through your panties." But I press my pussy even tighter on his face. I'm laughing at him as I'm teasing him. I can feel his hot breathe inbetween my thighs and it is starting to make me wet. To make matters worse he is writhing his head trying to escape the panty smell and the more he moves the hotter I am getting. It feels so good to the point were I am actually riding his face with my cotton panties on and they are starting to drip with my wet snatch. I get into a rythmic grind and can feel that i am almost going to climax. He begins trying to protest and scream but the sound of him is muffled through my hairy pussy pressed hard on his mouth and nose. Finally he gives me one big bucking with his head and that sends me over the top and I cum all over thus soaking the panties. I let him up and decided to at least let him cum by stroking his cock into my panties while he cleaned up my pussy with his mouth. He was satisfied and so was I. Know when I see him in the neighborhhod he gives me the knowing smile. I have not had him back in my garage, but just knowing that he let me ride his mouth that way is enough for now.

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