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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Embarrassing Panties & Garter Belt

Back in the 60?s every young girl couldn?t wait until she turned sixteen to have her ?Sweet Sixteen? birthday party because that was the advent of her becoming a young woman. Going to a Catholic grade school until eight-grade I had to wear uniforms with knee socks to school and my parents forbid me to wear stockings out socially, remember pantyhose weren?t invented yet. So when I turned sixteen I was ready for some wardrobe changes.
Vividly I remember that morning of my sixteenth birthday taking a bath to get ready for my afternoon party and as I walked out of the bathroom two pretty pink packages with white bows sat on my bed just waiting to be opened. Mom peeked around the door of my room and in her soft voice and a wink said ?Happy Birthday sweetie, I hope you like what I got you!? My heart raced as I quickly tore open the first present and opened it; when I saw the store name on the box I knew what was in it, a white satin bra and pink brief satin panties trimmed with delicate white ruffles around the legs with a tiny white bow in the front on the waist. I thanked her but mom knew I wanted more and told me to open the second package and in it was what I had hoped, a white satin garter belt and shear beige stockings. Yes, finally! I couldn?t believe what I was seeing and as I held them up mom told me that her daughter was now a young woman and was ready for a change because cotton was for girls and satin is for a young women, well after hearing that I totally lost it and started crying as I hugged my mother thanking her for everything. Then she pulled out of her pocket lipstick, rouge and eyeliner reached under the bed and pulled out still another box with white patent leather 2? pumps with pink bows to complete my outfit, my heart almost stopped! ?Don?t tell your dad or he?ll kill me for this, he doesn?t want his little girl growing up too fast!? she said. I wiped my eyes and laughed asking her for her help in putting on all this make-up and fancy lingerie and she jumped at the chance of her daughter transforming into a woman. After the make-up she helped me put on my garter-belt and stockings for the first time and in order to get them correct she gave me some helpful tips that I still use today. As I slipped my panties on I could immediately feel the difference satin felt versus cotton then placed my garter belt on my waist and attached it in back. Oh my God what a feeling! Mom said the trick was to fasten the garters in the back first, adjust them to the right tension of the stocking making sure the garter tabs weren?t stretched too tight then attach the front garters smoothing the stockings by running your hands up your leg and finally adjusting the front tabs for a smooth look. As I put on my dress I looked in the mirror at my legs in stockings and heels and how nice I looked in my pretty satin bra and panties as mom nodded her approval. As was the custom for all birthday parties in the 60?s most girls wore dresses so I wore a white cotton dress with pink flowers on the bodice and embroidered light green and pink flowers around the hem and the matching belt. As I got downstairs my twelve year old brother even told me how much of a lady I looked. Wondering why nobody was there yet mom told me about the other surprise we were having the party in the party room at the amusement park. As we drove to the park I couldn?t help glancing down seeing my legs encased in nylon stockings and the garters I was sitting on had me feeling wonderful. Mom told me to wear a slip or petticoat underneath but I said it was too hot that day which turned out to be a very wrong decision which you?ll understand later.

As I got out of the car I was greeted by my girlfriends who had decorated the party room. We had snacks and cake and like every girl our age we got a little restless and wanted to go out to the park where the rides were my mom and my aunt stayed behind to clean-up the mess we girls made. Not thinking about our attire at age sixteen as our tom-boy image came out we didn?t hesitate going on the ferris-wheel, bumper cars, roller coaster or merry-go-round in skirts or dresses but it was the fun house that started the embarrassment. More than half of the girls were wearing dresses and if you?ve ever been to a fun-house, dresses can be raised by jet air holes placed strategically under the floor. I walked around the first corner and there was nothing but a clown trying to scare people, I continued to walk around and for awhile got caught in the room of mirrors but got past that room fine. Then I was in a room with moving floors and gingerly walked through not even falling down I was feeling great thinking I can make it out without any embarrassment. Finally I could see the exit but still was concerned because I knew by the exit door the floor had those pesky jet air holes that would lift my dress. I got the idea of running out quickly averting disaster but again there was two clowns standing nearby looking like they were watching me. As I approached them one clown blocked my path as the other clown stayed by the door, when I finally did get by him he chased me and goosed me with his wand and the other clown chased me back in. There I was in this area of the fun-house alone looking out at the amusement park and on came the strong air jets in the floor lifting my dress up hitting me in the face and showing the world my white ruffled pink brief panties, garter belt and stockings, I was mortified. I screamed ?Oh my dress!? and as I did the air jets stopped as if my screaming helped, my dress settled back down. Then in a moment on came the air jets again lifting my skirt up past my waist as I tried in helplessly to pull it down. Glancing out from inside the fun-house there were what seemed like hundreds of people watching my predicament laughing, whistling and clapping. The next time the air jets came on I thought I was prepared by tightly rapping my skirt around my legs so that it wouldn?t fly up but when the air jets came back on it startled me and one of my heels got caught in a crack in the floor and wouldn?t come loose. Up went my dress again but this time it was covering my view as I had to try to get my heel unstuck. Finally after a few minutes which seemed like hours of my panty clad bottom and stocking show the clown let me out. As I walked past him he slapped me on the rear with his paddle then as I turned to slap him back the air jet right underneath my dress came on again lifting my skirt and showing all of my pretty underwear one final time to the enjoyment of the assembled audience. Red-faced I hurriedly ran down the stairs and back to the hall holding my dress down with both hands hearing every comment along the way. I heard one guy say pink was now his favorite color. An older man told me how he would never forget the full view he had of my panties and garters. Another guy said he loved the color contrast my pink panties had with my white garter belt. Still another wolf whistled and commented that my face was a prettier pink than my panties!

I was totally humiliated on my first encounter with stockings and garter belts but it never intimidated me enough not to wear them. Even the movies and shows of that era had scenes in them much like what I had experienced. I recall many movie scenes in which women would get their dresses and skirts torn off completely in car doors and elevators leaving them totally exposed in their stockings and panties. No nudity like now and much more erotic.

P.S. – I found out later that my girlfriends told the clowns that it was my birthday and that?s why I got caught alone in the fun-house. Now if you grew up in the 60?s there was another popular ride called the Rotor Ride, it resembles a huge barrel and it spins around with high g-forces. Usually there is an audience standing in the gallery above and after a few minutes of fast spinning, the floor drops out. What happens next is the operator of the ride will do one last fast spin to cause everyone to freeze and then drop the riders quickly to the floor. If you had a dress or skirt on as you dropped you would slide down but the dress or skirt would stick to the wall and reveal lots of leg and underwear views! There were even some unlucky women who slid right out of their dresses much to the delight of the audience above! Yes guys in the 50?s and 60?s got quite the show at the amusement parks seeing lots of embarrassed women and girls in there stockings, open bottomed girdles, garter belts and ruffled panties. Guess how I got even with a few of my girlfriends for the fun-house episode? HeHee!!!

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