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Title: Younger Guy

I went out on a date with a 19 year old college boy named Jason that I have talked to several times at the local campus. I'm taking a class this summer, so I'm able to use my student ID to access all of the campus facilities (including the gym). He lives with two other guys near the campus year-round. We had seen each other there a few times and started talking which turned into flirting and teasing. Anyway, he's been working extra hard in the gym trying to impress me since we became "buddies". He's thin, but with a hard, tight body (and smooth all over too which is extra yummy).
So we were flirting in the gym on Friday afternoon and I asked him if he's ever dated an older woman or a married chick. He said no, but thought it would be kinda cool. So I just came right out and told him to ask me out. You should've seen the expression on his face. So he thought I was just messing with him, but after a minute or so, he understood that I wasn't joking. So then he was all freaked out about me being married. So I told him that my husband was out of town for 2 weeks.....NOT!!! So after he got over being nervous, we were just laughing and I could tell he was looking forward to it. So I gave him my number and address and we agreed on 7 o'clock that night for him to pick me up. We both left to go home and shower and get ready. My pussy was so wet while I was driving home from the gym thinking about what was going to happen and how excited my husband would be. I got home and didn't waste any time telling him. First he didn't believe me, but when I swore that he would believe it in about 2 hours when Jason pulled into the driveway to pick me up he got a total hard-on (I had already been filling him in on the developing situation with my new boyfriend, so it wasn't a complete shock). He wanted to know everything we had planned, but we really didn't have a plan, so I explained it was going to be a surprise for all of us. Anyway, I showered and picked out a short, white, cotton mini-skirt and a hot-pink, cotton, half t-shirt that exposes my belly (which is pierced with a little diamond stud that looks really awesome because I have a nice tan). It's my favorite outfit because it has an innocent, sexy, playful, slightly slutty, but not trashy look. Oh, and I wore some white medium-high heels and my favorite hot-pink, cotton bikini panties. The skimpy kind that are almost a thong, but not quite.

Jason was of course on time. I would have totally busted his balls if he wasn't. My husband watched from our bedroom window. I opened the garage door from inside so Jason could pull into the garage and pick me up (so the neighbors wouldn't see anything). He looked and smelled good. He was wearing khaki cargo shorts with a white t-shirt that was kinda tight, but not corny looking and sandles. He drives a black Mustang that's a few years old, but looks good.

I grabbed his hand when I got in and asked him where he was taking me. He said "wherever you want." I just laughed and said he better take control of the situation and be the man and decide where he was taking me or I was going back in the house. He then came up with a plan on the spot (dinner and a movie). I said "sounds great, since you're still too young to take me out for drinks." Then I said, "only dinner and a movie, that's all I'm worth?" He said, "no, whatever you want." I said "you mean you didn't make hotel reservations for after the movie." He got that look on his face again, but I told him I was just kidding.

He took me to dinner at a cool place. I had been there before, but who cares. After dinner, he took me to see 2Fast 2Furious. It wasn't romantic, but nothing else looked good either. After the movie, I asked Jason if he preferred driving cars or women. He said it depends on the model. I thought that was pretty cute. He's funny which is such a turn-on. We did go to a hotel after the movie, but not to get a room. I told him it's a good spot to sit in the car and "talk" because the parking lot is full of cars all night, so nothing looks unusual about it. We parked in a corner away from the building where it was kind of dark. We just sat and talked for a little while then I started teasing and flirting. There's no way I could write everything we joked about. I asked him if he thought I have a nice body. He said yes. I reached over and took his hand and put it on my leg and asked him if my legs are sexy. That was all it took for him to understand what I wanted and he pretty much took over from there. I reached over to feel his bulge which was totally hard. He was rubbing my thigh farther up my skirt and I unzipped him. He slowly worked his hand up to my pussy and started rubbing me softly. I went down on him and started sucking him off. He put his finger in my panties and started gently fingering me. I was dripping wet by that time. I told him not to cum in my mouth because I wanted him to save it so he could fill my pussy with it. I could see that he was very happy about that. We got into the back seat for more room. He took all of his clothes off, but I left my shoes, t-shirt and panties on which looked really naughty. He sat in the middle of the seat facing forward and I got on his lap facing backward toward him. I put my hands on his smooth chest and slowly lowered my pussy onto him. He has a really nice, medium sized, slightly curved dick. We looked into each others eyes and started kissing while I slowly moved up and down. It was so intense that it only took about maybe 30 seconds for both of us to cum. He started cumming which sent me over the edge which was awesome because we pretty much came together at the same time. I could feel his warm sperm filling my body while I kept riding him slowly. I came again 3 more times pretty quickly. When I pulled off of him, there was cum everywhere. It was a huge mess. My panites were completely soaked because I had left them on. He held my ass with one hand and spread my panties to the side with his other hand. There was cum dripping from my pussy all over him too. What a mess, but it was so sexy. He was ready to go again, so I got back on and we went at it some more. He came in me again and I came 2 or 3 more times. We made a mess all over the seat of his car, but he just laughed and said he didn't care and that it was worth it. It was almost midnight, so I told him I should be getting home because we couldn't go back to his place because of his room-mates. He took me home and we pulled into the garage and kissed again before I sent him home. It was about 12:30, but my husband was still up waiting for me. He said he was too excited to sleep and also wanted to make sure that I got home safely. Of course he wanted to know every detail of my date. So I told him the same thing I'm sharing here. He was more excited than I've ever seen him about anything. I was expecting him to want to jump me immediately, but he was more interested in something else first. He asked me if he could kiss and lick my pussy while I still had my panties on. I said "sure, but there still pretty messy because Jason didn't have anything in his car to clean up with." He's like, "that's awesome, I'm glad you didn't clean up. I want to do it for you." I wasn't expecting that, but I just laughed and told him to go for it if that's what he wanted. I laid down on the bed and spread my legs for him with my clothes on. He started kissing up my legs until he had his head under my skirt. I lifted it up because I didn't want him to stretch it out. I gotta keep it tight for future use. So he got totally into licking me out. He was licking the insides of my thighs, then my panties and then he put his tongue inside of me. I could feel that I was still dripping, but not for very long because he got most of what was left except for deep inside of me. Then he asked me to remove my panties. I thought he was asking so he could fuck me, but when I took them off, he started smelling them and licking the inside of the crotch. I'm like, "gosh, maybe you should have been the one sucking him off." But, he said that was my job and he wasn't into that and that he just wanted to clean me up and lick my panties. I said, "ok baby, if that's what you like." After he finished licking my panties for a few minutes he was ready to come after me. He entered me slowly and I said, "you can pound me babe, I'm already loose and wet." But he said he was going slow because he wanted to feel my young boyfriend's cum and how loose I was. I'm like, "damn, I think you dig this as much as I do," and he said he likes it even more. That's pretty hard to believe, but as long as we're both getting what we want, everyone's happy. He fucked me harder and longer than any other time we've had sex before or since being married. He got off in me about 3 times and I had a couple more orgasms. It was kinda weird thinking that I had just had sex with two guys in the same night and had cum from two different guys in me at the same time. I asked him if he would be upset if I got pregnant by my new boyfriend and he said "go for it baby, that would be pretty naughty." But we were just joking because I had my tubes tied because I hate the side effects of the pill, plus I enjoy the rush of ovulation. Well, that's it for now. I'll be seeing Jason at the gym tomorrow afternoon, but I told him Friday night that our dates will only happen about once a month. As in, when I'm ovulating and uncontrollably horny. I'm happy just having one boyfriend for now, but my husband asked me today if I've thought about having several boyfriends for variety. I told him I might think about it later, but why rush. Everything is awesome like it is now. There's no reason to get greedy.

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