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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Connoisseurs

Suzy handed me the binoculars and lay back on the grass, her mouth curling in a mischievous grin. ?A very pleasant sight!? she said. ?Take a look, Jenny.? I peered through the binoculars, adjusting the focus control until the view became crystal-clear. ?Fantastic!? I whispered. Suzy giggled and sat upright, putting her arm around my shoulders. ?Take a picture of her, before she moves.? A faint click confirmed that the digital camera inside the binoculars had preserved the view for posterity. This useful little gadget was a thirtieth birthday present from Suzy and is currently my favourite toy. ?She?s leaning forward now,? I reported. ?I wonder how long she?ll stay in that position?? ?Quick!? urged Suzy. ?Take another picture!?
The camera clicked again, then Suzy took the binoculars and frantically fingered the focus wheel. I peered across the park, trying to recapture the view with my naked eyes, but the woman was sitting too far away. Her long red hair gleamed in the sunshine as she sat cross-legged on the grass, her slim body bent forward while she adjusted a portable stereo. Her little white T-shirt had ridden up above her waistline, revealing a suntanned midriff, while her hipster jeans had gone in the opposite direction. ?Sexy bitch!? said Suzy. ?I can see at least six inches of lacy black panties. Wow! If only I could get my hands down her jeans!? I laughed. ?You?ll have to be satisfied with a digital photo, for that girl is as straight as a pole. She?s probably on her way home to some hunky brute who?ll fuck her senseless.? ?Such a waste!? Suzy commented, still gazing through the binoculars. ?I?ll bet he doesn?t even appreciate her sexy underwear!? ?I?m sure you?re right,? I replied, getting slowly to my feet. ?Come on, girl! Let?s find some more babes. That redhead won?t be the only cute honey flashing her lingerie today!?

We walked across the park and followed the lane back to the main street. The day was fine and warm, with a clear blue sky and pleasant sunshine. A perfect day for two bored dykes to go panty-peeking. The town was swarming with attractive young women, many of them dressed in their skimpiest summer clothes: tiny T-shirts or crop tops, with mini-skirts, cut-off shorts or low-waisted trousers. Not that Suzy and me we wearing such pretty things that day. We'd chosen a rather masculine look: men?s T-shirts, check-pattern blouses and faded jeans. Both of us have dark hair and we keep it short and spiky, but we always wear make-up, and our jeans fit a lot closer than is customary among butch dykes. If there?s such a thing as a lesbian scale I guess we fluctuate somewhere between butch and femme, but neither of us is too concerned about categorizing our style. Hell! On the occasions when we do wear skirts we both look totally glamorous!

Suzy and I are like sisters: same hair, same blue eyes, same athletic shape. We stay fit by running in the park most evenings, and by having very hot sex! I guess our only regular concession to feminine fashion is our craving for nice underwear. We both buy a lot of lingerie, in nearly every colour and style. We love the feel of it: not just the touch of it against our skin when we wear it, but also the sexiness of caressing another woman?s body through the material. Silk or satin, cotton or lace, all of it turns us on. We like to see each other in sexy underwear, and we like to see other women wearing it too. Suzy says we?re fetishists, but I?m not sure that?s the right word for it. I prefer the term connoisseurs.

On the main street we soon found what we were looking for. A girl swung into view a few yards ahead, walking briskly among the crowd. Suzy spotted her first and urged me to speed up, so that we were just a couple of paces behind her. There we remained, following our target along the street, feasting our eyes on her. She was about eighteen years old, quite tall and very slim, with long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. When she turned her head we saw her face and knew she was a pretty babe. She was wearing a white sleeveless top and tight-fitting white hipsters. And she had the most gorgeous ass! Suzy kept pointing at it until I gave her arm a playful slap. ?Stop it!? I whispered in her ear. ?Or we?ll be rumbled!? Eventually the girl turned into a shop and we followed her inside. It was a stationery store and she headed straight for the magazine shelves. Like real spies or undercover detectives, Suzy and I split up to roam nonchalantly among the shelves, waiting for our prey to buy her magazine and leave. But things turned out quite lucky for us. Suzy caught my attention and beckoned me to come around to the shelves in the corner. I joined her there, and my gaze followed a flick of Suzy?s eyes to a very pleasing sight: our young blonde target was squatting down to browse the lowest shelf, leaning her elbows on her knees, the widening gap between her shirt and her hipsters giving us a wonderful view of a white lace thong. The hipsters were sunk so low that we even got a peek at the top of her ass, where the white lace vanished into her cleft. Suzy started unzipping the binoculars case but I grabbed her hand and whispered: ?Don?t even think about it!? I pulled her around to a safer part of the store and we watched the blonde honey buy a magazine. Then we were out in the street again, following her as she glided gracefully through the shambling hordes. ?I wonder if she?s a dancer?? Suzy inquired, to which I just shrugged my shoulders. The girl next visited a big cosmetics store and we shadowed her movements as she loitered at the mascara shelves. ?We?re lucky again,? I said, nudging Suzy, whose attention was momentarily distracted by a pretty Indian woman working at the checkout.

We both watched the blonde as she squatted down as before. She was maybe a yard away from our feet. This time her hipsters must have slung a little further because we could now see a lot more of her ass, probably as much as a third of it. I reckon she showed us three inches of her crack, which was a real bonus. Plus, we saw clearly every bit of the white thong that wasn?t jammed in her ass or hidden at the front.

Despite Suzy?s fevered pleading I was still too nervous to take a photo. So we just stood there, feasting our dyke eyes on the unsuspecting girl. A few other people walked past, but none of them guessed what we were doing. Why should they suspect anything? After all, whoever heard of two women leering at the exposed ass and pretty underwear of a beautiful young girl? People expect men to do it, but no way would they expect a woman to drool at the sight of a lacy thong. The idea is so bizarre that we rarely get caught peeking, even when we make it fairly obvious. The blonde girl got up and continued to stroll around the store. When she showed no further inclination to display her charms we abandoned her for new territories. ?Let?s go to the metal stairway!? Suzy suggested. That?s one of our favourite places for panty-peeking. It?s an iron stair that spirals up to the tanning studio overlooking the main street. We usually sit on the concrete floor directly under the stairway and peer up through the gaps in the steps whenever an attractive woman in a short skirt goes up or down. The stair is quite steep, so most women take it slowly, clutching the handrail. For Suzy and me it?s like watching them in slow motion, and when a woman in high heels gets on the stair it?s like a freeze-frame peepshow, because she?ll go so slowly and carefully on the steps. It?s quite shady under the stairway but sometimes the women will see us sitting there. At first they usually stop and peer anxiously down through the gaps, wondering if Suzy and me are teenage boys trying to look up their skirts, but when they see we?re just two short-haired females they feel reassured. Then they often smile and say hello, before continuing their slow journey.

Today was a good day under the stairs. The first few women we saw were wearing trousers, but then two very attractive thirtysomething blondes in short denim skirts appeared on the top step. Even though they wore trainers they took the descent very slowly, because they were each carrying a heavy box. Both were tanned all over and their hair was bleach-blonde rather than natural, but they had nice figures and were quite sexy. The first one turned carefully in the top spiral, about twenty-five feet above our heads, directly over us as we gazed up. ?Pink panties,? said Suzy. I nodded, and waited for the second woman to negotiate the top spiral. ?White,? I commented. ?With some kind of pattern that I can?t make out.? We waited in silence until the women reached the second spiral, seventeen feet off the ground. ?The pink panties are cotton,? observed Suzy. ?With a white trim. Can you make out the pattern on the others?? ?No,? I replied. ?But the woman wearing them has a great ass!? The third and lowest spiral is our favourite because it stands less than ten feet above us. The gaps in the thin metal rails that form the steps are wide enough to give us a fine upskirt view, especially if the woman moves slowly. Today we were especially fortunate, for the two blondes halted for a rest on the lower spiral and we were able to look straight up their skirts. At first they had their backs to us, leaning against the handrail, giving us a fantastic display. Their denim skirts were so short that we could even see the edge of their underwear curving over their tanned buttocks. The woman in pink panties gave us an extra treat by standing with her legs apart. We saw the full length of her tight gusset, including a little damp patch halfway along. ?This is getting me so horny!? Suzy whispered. ?Me too,? I added. ?A pattern of blue stars,? said Suzy, staring at the woman in white underwear. ?Tiny blue stars and a blue lace trim.? I nodded. ?Very pretty indeed!?

The women then bent down to rest the heavy boxes on the steps. That gave us an even better view of their cute bottoms. Just for a couple of seconds we were offered a lovely display of panties. It was almost like watching a pair of can-can dancers in a Parisian theatre. Suzy couldn?t restrain herself from giving a low whistle, for which she got a sharp dig in the ribs from my finger. ?Hush!? I whispered, but it was too late. Both blondes turned quickly around and peered down at us, glaring at first. When they saw we were women they relaxed and laughed, leaning over the handrail with their arms clasped beneath their breasts. They looked incredibly sexy! ?We thought you were a pair of kids spying on us!? said one, the woman with pink panties and a damp gusset. We laughed in return, and Suzy answered: ?We?re just having a rest in this cool shade. It?s too hot to be walking around.? The women laughed again, then they turned away and picked up their boxes, giving us one final peek of their underwear. ?Bye then!? they called, as they descended the last few steps and disappeared into the crowd. We waved to them, and Suzy said: ?Thank you, girls! Keep tanning!? And that was when we decided to head back home. Both of us were aching for sex and the weather was too hot anyway, so we walked back to the house as fast as we could in the heat. We were barely through the front door when Suzy started pawing at me like a kitten, tugging at my clothes as we tumbled into the lounge.

Suzy had no intention of going up to the bedroom so she stripped me down to my underwear and flung me on the sofa, showering my body with kisses and licking between my breasts. My white cotton panties felt so sweaty and sticky that I wanted to take them off, but Suzy insisted I leave them on. ?I want your special scent, girl!" she hissed, as she almost ripped off my bra. I was happy to let her do whatever she wanted, so I just lay on the sofa with my eyes closed, purring softly while Suzy nuzzled her face into my crotch. Her tongue ran up and down the tight gusset of my underwear, soaking the cotton and teasing me to the brink of orgasm. My clit stiffened beneath the wet material, offering itself to her teeth when she began to gently nibble my cunt, and it was the nibbling that eventually tipped me over into a lovely shuddering climax. Even as I lay quivering and gasping, Suzy rolled me over onto my belly and transferred her attentions to my ass. She hoisted the waistband as high as it would go, so that my panties were stretched tightly across my buttocks, before pressing her face deep into the cleft and licking along the channel of cotton between my ass-cheeks. Hell! It felt heavenly, especially when her tongue roamed down to the rear gusset, the hot moist tip pushing the material against my sensitive little hole. By then I was moaning, my eyes still closed and a big smile on my face. But at the same time I felt a massive urge to touch my sweet Suzy, to pleasure my special girl with my lips and fingers. So I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me, kissing her cute face and stroking her spiky hair. ?It's your turn now, babe," I whispered, as I began stripping off her clothes.

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