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Title: Hearts And Elephants

?So what do you think of your new lodger?? asked Carolyn, pouring the last drop of wine into her glass. ?Is she behaving herself?? Across the table, Kelly stubbed her cigarette into the ashtray and smiled, her eyes narrowing as she stared back at Carolyn. ?I?m not sure,? she replied, after a long pause. ?In fact, I?m quite suspicious of her, and I?ll be glad when she leaves.? Carolyn raised her eyebrows. ?Really? But I thought you two were getting along just fine. Last week you told me how much you enjoyed having somebody around the house again.? ?That was last week,? answered Kelly. ?This week I feel differently about the whole thing.?
Carolyn sipped her wine and looked around the bar. It was almost empty, with only a few people at the tables and a small group of office workers huddled near the jukebox. The music was barely audible, although its volume would gradually be increased as the afternoon faded towards evening. By then, Carolyn hoped, she?d be relaxing at home with her husband, far away from the noise of the city. She sighed, meeting Kelly?s anxious gaze. Carolyn knew her friend well enough to perceive that something was deeply troubling her. ?Tell me what happened, Kelly,? she said. ?Did you and Nina have an argument at the weekend?? Kelly shook her head, her black curls brushing her shoulders. ?Not exactly. But I accused Nina of stealing my things, and when she denied it I called her a liar and asked her to get out.? ?That sounds rather serious,? said Carolyn. ?I?ve known Nina for five years but she doesn?t seem the thieving sort to me. So what did she steal?? Kelly frowned. ?I don?t really want to go into the details, Carolyn. You probably won?t believe it anyway, or you?ll think I?m imagining the whole scenario. It?s really bizarre.? ?So, did Nina pack her bags and leave?? ?No. I gave her another chance, but only because she?s one of your friends, and because it?s too much hassle to find another tenant for my spare room.?

Carolyn sighed. ?I?m sorry it?s not working out better. When I introduced Nina to you a fortnight ago my main concern was that you might not want to share your house with a lesbian, especially so soon after your divorce. But the two of you seemed to get on so well that I figured everything would be alright.? ?Her lesbianism isn?t a problem,? said Kelly. ?Most of the time I forget she?s gay, probably because she doesn?t look like a typical dyke. She?s far more fashion-conscious than me, for instance. And when she goes out to work in the morning, wearing a tailored suit and with her blonde hair tied in a neat ponytail, she looks completely straight. Occasionally I?ll say something like ?aren?t we lucky having such a sexy postman?? and then I realise how stupid it must sound. But Nina doesn?t flaunt her sexuality and is quite discreet about it. She once brought another dyke back to the house, a very vivacious woman called Carmen, with whom I got along really well. The three of us stayed up late, drinking and smoking and talking. Carmen is a lovely person and I could almost see why Nina feels attracted to her. Seeing them cuddling and kissing on the sofa made me a bit uneasy, I suppose, but it wasn?t a big deal. Their lovemaking kept me awake most of the night, but I didn?t really mind because they both apologized very politely the next morning.? Carolyn smiled, draining her glass. ?My biggest worry at the start was that Nina might get drunk and hit on to you. But hopefully that hasn?t happened?? ?That depends on your point of view,? Kelly replied. ?What do you mean?? Kelly let out a deep sigh. ?I suppose I ought to tell you the whole tale, Carolyn. About the stealing, I mean.? ?Go on, then,? said Carolyn. ?Tell me the full story.? Kelly leaned forward, her voice falling almost to a whisper. ?I caught Nina stealing my underwear. Carolyn looked puzzled. ?Why would she do that? Surely she has enough of her own? She spends a fortune on clothes!? Kelly peered around the bar, as if to check that nobody else was sitting within earshot. ?You don?t understand, Carolyn. I?m not talking about my clean underwear. I?m talking about stuff out of the laundry basket: my unwashed panties!? At first, Carolyn frowned, before grinning and shaking her head. ?No way! You can?t seriously believe...? ?Hush!? Kelly interrupted. ?Keep your voice down, for God?s sake!? Carolyn smiled. ?You must be imagining it. Why would Nina need to steal your dirty panties? I can?t think why any woman would do such a thing. Are you sure it wasn?t that boyfriend of yours playing a little joke?? ?Quite sure,? Kelly replied. ?And anyway, Mark isn?t kinky like that. He doesn?t have a panty fetish, or any other kind of fetish. He?s just a normal guy. But that?s irrelevant, because I actually saw Nina taking my underwear out of the basket.? ?Maybe she was just getting the laundry ready for washing?? Carolyn suggested.

Kelly shook her head. ?No, she wasn?t. I was watching her the whole time. I saw it all. Nina thought I was still outside in the garden, so she didn?t know I was standing in the bathroom doorway. She seemed completely oblivious, like she was in a world of her own. She was sitting cross-legged on the bathroom floor with her back to me, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, her hands rummaging inside the laundry basket. I watched, fascinated and horrified, as she picked out a pair of my unwashed panties and held them up, stretching the waistband between her thumbs. I recognized them as mine because of the pattern: small blue hearts on white cotton. Nina sat humming a little tune to herself, her head bobbing from side to side. What she did next was completely disgusting: she dangled my outstretched panties in front of her nose and sniffed the gusset. Can you believe she actually did that?? Carolyn grimaced. ?I wish you hadn?t told me this. It?s truly awful!? Kelly nodded. ?That?s not the whole story. Wait until you hear this!? At that moment, a young barman appeared at the table, asking the two women if they needed more drinks. They politely declined, and he walked off. Only when she was certain that he was out of range did Kelly resume her tale. ?I watched Nina for about half a minute,? she continued. ?I stared, transfixed, as she gave my dirty underwear a thorough sniffing. She even turned the panties inside out and rubbed her nose in the crotch. My face was crimson with rage and embarrassment, but still I said nothing. It was all so unreal. Anyway, after a while she stopped sniffing and shoved the panties in a pocket of her jeans. She started to stand up, so I quickly vanished from the doorway, scuttling off to my bedroom, where I sat on the bed wondering what to do.? ?Did you confront her?? asked Carolyn.

Kelly shook her head. ?No. Not immediately. I felt too shocked and embarrassed to say anything at first. As I sat on the bed I heard Nina walk past towards her own room. I listened to her moving about: she was getting changed, preparing to go out to meet Carmen. She startled me by poking her head around my door and asking me if I needed anything from the shops. I couldn?t bring myself to make eye contact with her, so I turned away and declined her offer. Her footsteps pattered down the stairs and in a moment she was gone. The outer door clicked shut and I sprang up, dashing into her bedroom. I was shaking with fury, cursing under my breath, as I searched through her drawers.? ?You were looking for your panties?? asked Carolyn. ?Yes,? Kelly replied. ?But not only the white pair I?d just seen her take from the basket. I suspected she?d stolen more of my underwear, because I knew of two pairs of panties that had mysteriously gone missing a few days earlier. Usually if I lose a pair of panties I?m not particularly concerned, but one of the missing pairs had sentimental value: a present from Mark after our holiday in India last year. He bought the panties as a joke: black cotton high-legs with a pattern of tiny pink elephants printed all over. I thought I?d lost them at the gym, or maybe that they?d fallen out of my handbag, but now I guessed I?d find them in Nina?s room.? Kelly paused, and started to laugh. Carolyn looked puzzled and asked: ?What?s funny?? ?The whole thing!? Kelly answered. ?I just can?t believe I?m telling you this stuff. It?s all too bizarre!? She laughed a little, before regaining her composure and continuing her story. ?Needless to say, my instincts were correct. I found my elephant panties hidden in a cupboard. With them was the other missing pair. Neither pair had been washed, so Nina wasn?t planning to wear them herself. She was obviously keeping them for some sexual purpose. It turned my stomach when I imagined her sniffing them. I kept thinking: How can she stand the smell?? Carolyn grinned. ?That?s exactly what I was thinking!? Kelly smiled. ?It?s almost hilarious, isn?t it? But at the time I was really angry about it, especially when I couldn?t find the white panties she?d taken from the basket. I realised to my dismay that she?d gone out still wearing her jeans, with my dirty underwear in the pocket! Why would she do that?? Carolyn shrugged. ?I?ve no idea. Perhaps she just forgot about the panties. Why else would she take them?? Kelly shrugged, staring blankly at her glass and reaching for another cigarette. ?Here,? said Carolyn, offering a lighter. ?Use mine.? ?Oh, fuck! They smell good!? said Carmen, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. ?Aren?t they pretty?? commented Nina. ?Pretty blue hearts on stretchy white cotton. Cute little panties from a very cute girl.?

She and Carmen were sitting in a dark corner of the Zigzag Club, drinking straight vodkas while trying to make conversation over the loud music from the basement. Carmen?s mouth and nose were obscured by the small bundle she was pressing to her face, her bra-less breasts heaving beneath a black T-shirt as she breathed in and out. One sweat-soaked frond of hair dangled across her forehead while the rest of her dark bob hung lank and wet around her shoulders. Like Nina, she had been dancing vigorously for an hour before retiring to the Zigzag?s quiet upstairs bar. ?Well?? Nina inquired eagerly. ?Tell me what you?re thinking.? Carmen gave a long sigh and opened her blue eyes, staring dreamily up at the ceiling, seeing the faded posters of Monroe and Garbo and Dietrich that were pasted there many years before. ?I?m imagining Kelly?s slit,? she answered, holding the bundle away from her face. ?I?m trying to picture her cunt in these panties, trying to imagine the outline of her sweet lips pressing against the tight cotton.? ?Stop it, Carmen!? hissed Nina, shuffling closer to her friend so that their bare arms touched. ?You?re making me too hot!? Carmen gave a mischievous smile and resumed her description. ?Kelly?s scent is so strong on the gusset of these panties that I can almost believe her cunt is still inside them. If only that was true! Shit, I can just see myself kneeling on the floor, my face an inch or two from her crotch, my hands pulling down her jeans, my eyes feasting on her underwear. I?d tease her mound through the panties until she begged me to fuck her. First, I?d trace the shape of her slit with my fingers, stroking her slowly, very gently, until her juices made the cotton damp. Then I?d place small kisses all over the front, as many kisses as there are tiny blue hearts. I know she?d be gasping by then, whispering my name and urging me to take her to bed.? ?Too hot, girl!? said Nina, baring her white teeth and resting her head on Carmen?s shoulder. ?Why won?t you stop?? Carmen grinned and gave Nina?s denim-clad thigh a playful squeeze. ?Do you really want me to cease?? ?No,? came the whispered reply. ?Then I?ll continue,? said Carmen, kissing her friend?s forehead and tasting the salty flavour of sweat. ?But I want you to join in the fantasy, if you can handle it. Are you ready for this, Miss Sexy?? ?Go on,? said Nina. ?What do you want me to do?? ?Just picture the scene,? Carmen explaind. ?I?m on my knees, fully clothed, in front of Kelly, whose jeans are around her ankles. Her shirt is off, too, and she?s wearing a lacy white bra. She looks really vulnerable, and so pretty. And then there?s you, Sexy Nina, kneeling on the floor behind Kelly. Like me, you?re fully clothed, but the button and zip of your jeans are undone, and you?re touching yourself with your left hand. You?re wearing black cotton panties, but the gusset is soaked with cunt-juice and your fingers are shoved down the front.? ?Am I doing anything to Kelly?? asked Nina in an excited whisper.

?Of course!? Carmen replied. ?With your right hand you?re stroking her cute little ass through her panties, these very same panties.? She paused to dangle the underwear in front of Nina?s face, the small bundle unravelling like a flag, the tiny blue hearts seeming to dance as the cotton twisted and turned in her fingers. ?Just imagine the material stretched tightly over those firm buttocks,? she continued. ?I know you?ve seen Kelly walking around the apartment in her underwear, so you won?t need me to help out with a description.? ?So, what else am I doing?? Nina inquired, giving Carmen?s right breast a delicate squeeze through the black T-shirt. The nipple already felt hard, the sudden touch making Carmen give a small gasp. ?What else?? Nina repeated. ?Imagine that you?re using your mouth,? said Carmen. ?While I?m planting little kisses on the front of the panties, you?re doing the same at the rear. For each kiss I place on Kelly?s crotch you place another on her ass-cheeks. Then we start using our tongues, Nina. I?m licking along the gusset, jabbing the tip of my tongue at the wet cotton to probe between Kelly?s cunt-lips, my nose filled with her strong aroma. At the same time, your tongue would be running up and down between her buttocks, pressing the cotton into the tight cleft. She?d be squirming and writhing by then, I guess, her legs trembling until she felt ready to collapse on the floor.? Nina inhaled slowly, her nostrils flaring as Carmen draped the underwear across her face. Carmen smiled, bending her head to kiss Nina through the material of Kelly?s unwashed panties. They kissed for about thirty seconds, their eager tongues separated by a thin barrier of damp cotton, their lips tasting a cocktail of Kelly?s intimate flavor and their own saliva. ?Then what happens?? asked Nina in a breathless whisper, withdrawing slowly from the kiss and smiling when Carmen held the underwear in her teeth. ?Then we take Kelly to bed,? Carmen answered. ?We strip her naked and we fuck her all night. And that?s the end of the dream, Sexy Girl. Or would you like to hear another story?? Nina laughed, shaking her head so that her blonde ponytail flicked to and fro. ?No more tonight! I can?t cope with it, Carmen. I reckon I?ve creamed my jeans already.? ?Me too!? said Carmen.

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