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Title: Hetero Girl Panty Fun

The new millennium marked a new phase in my life and brought a series of big changes. The most important of these was my escape from an incredibly intense relationship that left me physically and emotionally shattered. During the previous two years I allowed myself to be dragged ever deeper into a strange twilight world of hard drinking, sleepless nights and kinky sex. The latter began as a bit of fun and excitement, mostly with ropes and restraints, but eventually it all got too heavy for my tastes. I used to enjoy playing the role of submissive bondage doll for Rachel, my lover, but only when it was our own private game. As soon as she brought in a bunch of her scary friends I found the whole thing uncomfortable and started feeling like I had no self-esteem. I desperately wanted to get out of the swamp, but I was so hung up on my crazy mistress that I found it difficult to run away. Then, in late 1999, I packed my stuff and left, after a very traumatic break-up which spilled out into the street one frosty night.
Within a week I shook off the heartache and began to feel good about myself, renting a smart solo apartment and devoting more time to my career. I celebrated the millennium with a few old college friends, all of whom congratulated me on my escape from self-destruction. Things started to get back to normal, and I woke to the twenty-first century in the warm bed of a delicious German biker girl.

So, the new year started well, and life seemed good. In the summer it got even better, for in July I first met the two women who together make my heart sing: Karen, my snuggle-bunny and soulmate; and Claire, the awesome unrequited love of my life. But way back in the early springtime I was enjoying my freedom and cherishing the independence that I guess had been forgotten. I was twenty-four but suddenly felt like a breathless teenager again.

Around the middle of March 2000 I enjoyed a night of frenzied passion and hot panty-play with Mandy, a gorgeous blonde whom I seduced in my favourite nightclub. She was a confirmed heterosexual and had no practical experience of lesbianism until that evening. With her three friends she came to the city from a small industrial town on the northern outskirts, seeking beer and vodka and maybe a bit of adventure. Their evening began in the trendy places on the south side but by midnight their unfamiliarity with the city had brought them to the Gay Quarter and to the club where me and my friends were merrily drinking ourselves into a stupor.

The place is basically an old English pub with a big section ripped out to make a dancefloor. The music is loud and the regular clientele are a colourful tribe from the periphery of society: dykes, gay men, transvestites and bisexuals, plus a few hetero guys who like to try their luck. But everybody gets along just fine and there's seldom any trouble. On Saturday nights the place is jammed to the walls and so stifling that I prefer to spend the whole time on the dancefloor, usually with a cold beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Sometimes my friends are dancing with me, sometimes I'm dancing alone, though without expending too much energy. Like many of the club regulars we usually stand in one part of the floor, chilling to the music rather than moving to the beat, swaying slowly on our hips while keeping our feet pretty static.

So there I was on that Saturday night, in early March of the millennium year, swaying gently to the pounding rhythm of vintage dance hits. I had two bottles of beer and one cigarette, and I was silently mouthing the words of every song, most of which were old 80's numbers that reminded me of my childhood. In my black jeans, black T-shirt and black boots, and with my hair shaved in a Number One cut, I guess I looked as dyke-ish as any girl in the club that night.

The dancefloor was very crowded, so I moved gradually to the edge, my boots almost treading on the toes of four girls whom I had never seen before. Three of them were brunettes and the fourth was a blonde. They were all quite tall and attractive but the blonde was especially sexy and was getting some unwanted male attention, probably because her black dress was very short and tight-fitting. Long-haired blondes aren't my usual preference but this girl was so cute that I couldn't resist snatching a few glances at her while I did my little solo dance. My friends were chilling at the bar and I was dancing on my own, trying to avoid being trampled by a boisterous bunch of student guys, all of whom towered over me like giants.

The music paused briefly and then Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" came on. If ever a song was overplayed on the gay scene, that was it, but I stayed on the dancefloor anyway. The four girls decided to join in, forming a half-circle with me in the middle. I guess they figured it might be a good way to get away from the guys who were pestering them. At first they ignored me, but then two of them started giving me some hostile looks, which I found rather irritating. The sexy blonde saw what they were doing and told them to stop, but they just smirked at her and glared at me.

When the song ended the three brunettes walked off to the bar but the blonde stayed on the dancefloor. I can't remember which tune came on next but she and I danced to it together, facing each other, her movements copying mine. Soon we were smiling and laughing and acting quite friendly with each other. I saw her friends standing near the bar, watching us with growing disapproval. When I offered the girl one of my beer bottles she accepted it gratefully, bending forward to speak in my ear, but the music was so loud I couldn't hear what she said. We danced for another couple of songs and then I noticed that her friends were standing nearby, beckoning her to join them. I watched her dash over to them and saw the whole group vanish into the crowd. With a wistful sigh and a shrug I turned away and carried on doing my own thing.

Soon afterwards my friends were also leaving so I walked over to the bar to say goodnight. I decided to stay a while because I hadn't finished my beer and I didn't feel ready to go home. It was around 1.00am and the club still had another hour or so before closing time. I hung out at the bar, talking to a few people I vaguely knew, before heading back to the dancefloor. Before I reached it, the sexy blonde appeared suddenly at my side and asked me if I would dance with her. I said that was OK and we started dancing together like before. I could see she wanted to talk so I pointed upstairs and indicated that it would be a good place to chill out.

The upper level is a small area with a balcony overlooking the dancefloor below. It has a few comfortable sofas and is a fairly peaceful refuge from the noise and bustle of the main club. A metal spiral stairway leads up to it, and I courteously allowed the blonde to ascend first, with me following very closely behind. Her little black dress was so short that I got a lovely view of her slim thighs and pert ass, the latter cupped by skimpy white cotton panties. I was quite surprised, though rather pleased, that she wasn't wearing a thong. We sat side by side on one of the sofas and drank for a few moments in silence, sharing a beer bottle and staring intently at each other. My instincts told me that she was just looking for some female company now that her friends had left, and that she might not be looking for anything more than an hour or so of friendship. I desperately hoped that my instincts were wrong, because I was literally oozing into my underwear at the thought of touching her. We got talking, and I learned that her name was Mandy, and that she was nineteen years old. She seemed surprised to hear that I was twenty-four and reckoned I looked younger. In her estimation I was so small that I could easily be mistaken for a schoolgirl. That made me laugh, but my heart sank when she told me she was due to be married in the autumn, and I resigned myself to bidding her farewell without even snatching a furtive squeeze of her breasts. My instincts were totally wrong, of course, and soon we were kissing like long-lost lovers. Mandy insisted that she had never had any bisexual yearnings but I didn't really believe her. At first she was so nervous that her whole body trembled at my touch, but gradually she relaxed and her kiss became incredibly passionate. I had one hand around her head and the other on her slender waist, feeling the warmth of her body through the thin black material of her dress. Her hair felt like a cascade of golden silk as I ran my fingers through it but I noticed dark roots on her scalp and realised that she, like her three friends, was actually a brunette.

Mandy's initial fascination was with my skinhead haircut, which she enjoyed caressing while we kissed, running her fingers gently over the bristles and making small giggling noises. Whenever our mouths parted to gasp for air, she repeatedly told me that I was the prettiest lesbian she had ever seen, to which I replied that she had not met enough dykes to make an objective judgement. But I thanked her for the compliment anyway. "You look like G.I. Jane," she said, a comment I used to receive frequently whenever I wore my hair very short. We were one of four couples kissing on the sofas that night, but we were the only women, the rest being gay men. Other people were sitting around just relaxing, or snoozing in drunken contentment. I recognized a woman I knew and waved to her, winking when she gave a thumbs-up sign of approval and encouragement. Mandy was so engrossed in our canoodling that she didn't seem to notice anybody else. Before 2.00am we left the club hand-in hand and went in search of a taxi, having already agreed to continue our acquaintance at my apartment on the south side of the city. Out in the street, with hordes of people spilling out of bars, Mandy suddenly became embarrassed and released my hand. I guess she was anxious in case she saw someone who knew her, unlikely though that might be in that part of town. She looked so relieved when we bundled ourselves into a taxi, where nobody could see what we were doing. Nobody, that is, except the taxi driver, an old Pakistani guy who seemed completely unfazed by the sight of two young women kissing and groping on the back seat. We tumbled through the door of my apartment and stood for a while just holding each other. Not kissing, just standing with our bodies pressed together and our arms entwined. Mandy's hands were on my waist, under my T-shirt, caressing my bare skin, while mine were tangled in her lovely blonde tresses. I'm only three inches over five feet so I felt quite small beside Mandy, whom I reckoned to be around four inches taller. She, in turn, seemed to feel protective towards me and whispered tiny baby girl over and over. I decided to take things nice and slow, fearing to frighten her off if I plunged in too quickly with my fingers and tongue. So we sat on the sofa and talked for a while, sipping bottles of Japanese beer and munching pretzels. Mandy was curious about my skin color and asked if I had any Spanish blood. She seemed puzzled when I told her that I come from the valleys of Wales "I thought all Welsh girls were pale," she said.

I laughed at the remark and put my bottle on the floor. We'd talked long enough and now it was time for some girly fun. I wanted Mandy so much that my head felt numb and my nipples were buzzing like electrodes. I rolled onto the carpet, pulling her down with me, and placed her on her back. I lay alongside, on her right, propped up on my left elbow, my right hand stroking her firm flat belly. Her soft brown eyes widened when I began caressing her legs, her mouth pouting like a pink flower as my fingertips trailed along her inner thighs. My hand disappeared beneath the hem of her dress and, as soon as I touched her crotch, I bent my head to kiss her lips. "Oh, God," she whispered, withdrawing from the kiss to arch her spine off the floor. "Just relax," I said quietly, sensing the tension in her body. "It's your first time, so don't worry. Try to breathe more deeply." She lay flat again, stretching out her long sleek legs and parting her thighs. Her breathing deepened and she seemed much calmer, her breasts rising and falling slowly beneath the stretchy black dress. The forefinger of my right hand gently stroked her crotch, tracing the shape of her cunt through her panties, feeling the material become more and more damp. My caresses paused to allow my hand to pull the hem of the dress up to her waist, Mandy lifting her ass off the floor to assist me. Then my finger returned to her gusset, following the moist cotton gully between her cunt lips to where it curved under her body, my touch halting at her asshole before trailing back to the starting-point. Again and again I repeated this movement, until Mandy's fingernails were clawing the carpet and her breath shrank to a series of shuddering gasps. "Oh my God, Jenny!" she hissed loudly, staring up as I gazed down at her lovely face. I kissed her lips and swirled my tongue around her mouth, licking her teeth and tasting stale beer in her saliva. She moaned through the kiss when my hand pressed flat on her crotch, my thumb moving in small circles over her clit, feeling the little bud stiffening beneath her panties. "Shit, I'm so fucking wet," she said, pulling her mouth away suddenly. She frowned, her brows furrowing as though she was annoyed or embarrassed. I smiled reassuringly, using my left hand to stroke her blonde hair. Meanwhile, the fingers of my right hand moved upward from her crotch to curl under the waistband of her underwear. She misunderstood my intentions and shook her head, biting her lower lip anxiously. "Oh, please, Jenny!" she begged. "Don't take my knickers off. I'm not ready for that stuff yet." "Don't fret," I replied. "I wasn't going to pull them down." She stared up into my eyes, her face a picture of innocence and bemusement. She looked so gorgeous that I had to restrain myself from ripping the black dress to shreds and eating her alive. "See?" I said, as my fingers hoisted her panties higher. "I'm just making them fit tighter." Tugging up the waistband had the desired effect of stretching her panties until they were pulled taut. The shape of her delicious cunt was now clearly outlined through the white cotton, her pink flesh faintly visible where the moist patch made a translucent window. Her pubic hair was dark, like the roots of her blonde mane, and showed as a triangular shadow even where her panties weren't damp. I can drool for hours at the sight of a sexy woman in tight panties but I knew my time with Mandy was limited to that one night, so I started to roll the black dress up her body until I reached her bra. At that point she took over, pulling the dress over her head and flinging it onto the sofa. Then she took a deep breath and waited for me to make the next move Her bra was black and lacy, with pretty patterns on the cups, the kind of lingerie I usually enjoy touching. But time was short, so the bra had to follow the dress, and with Mandy's help I swiftly removed it. Her cheeks blushed a little when she saw me staring at her breasts, but I think she was merely flushing with pride, for her bosom was indeed impressive. Neither the dress nor the bra had done justice to those lovely round orbs and I immediately showered them with tender kisses, much to Mandy's delight. Her brown nipples hardened beneath my tongue as I licked them but she protested when my teeth began nibbling gently. "Don't do that," she whispered. "It hurts too much." I pulled my head away, licking my lips, and for a while it was Mandy's turn to take the lead. Kneeling up, she rolled me onto my back and began to strip me, chuckling mischievously with a strange eager expression in her eyes. My boots and socks came off first, though I clicked my tongue when she accidently put a knot in my bootlaces. Then off came my T-shirt, jeans and bra, until I lay on my back in my sporty white panties, staring up at Mandy as she leaned over my face. "You're so sexy!" she said, as a dribble of her saliva spattered down onto my mouth.

I wanted to feel her firm breasts pressing my skin, so I pulled her on top of me, my hands caressing up and down her narrow back before scurrying over her buttocks. Through the smooth cotton panties her ass felt heavenly, as firm as a ripe peach, and my fingers stroked every curve of her underwear until she lay purring in delight. Her hard nipples were pressing against my bare breasts, a sensation I usually enjoy, but Mandy was far heavier than I expected and her weight began to crush my body. She was slim and sleek, with no hint of spare fat, but I felt extremely uncomfortable when she lay on top of me, so I rolled her off. We sat cross-legged on the carpet, facing each other and holding hands, naked except for our white underwear. Mandy pointed at my panties and gave an approving nod. "Calvin Klein," she observed. "Nice knickers." "Thank you," I replied. "Mine were half the price," she added, tugging the waistband of her panties and giving a disappointed groan. "I always buy the cheapest stuff." "They look lovely," I commented, and I meant it one hundred percent. Mandy wrinkled her nose. "They're wet and sticky. Do you want me to take them off?" When I shook my head she seemed surprised and bemused, but I assured her that I really did want her to keep the panties on for a while longer. She looked so sexy sitting there on the carpet, her slim legs crossed, her amazing breasts begging to be squeezed and her white cotton skimpies stuck to her crotch. I reckoned in any case that she still didn't feel quite ready to unveil her cunt to a drooling skinhead dyke, despite the fact that she was already very drunk. "Open your legs," I said nonchalantly. "And lean back a little." Giggling with curiosity, Mandy sat back, supporting her torso on her arms while parting her legs. I did the same, then shuffled my ass along the floor until we locked in the desired position, with her right leg resting on my left thigh and her left leg under my buttocks. Our panty-covered cunts were about an inch apart. "Shit, Jenny!" she said. "This is so fucking weird!" I smiled, pressing my crotch against hers and grinding gusset to gusset, feeling her wetness soak through my underwear to mingle with my own juices. As my Calvin Kleins got wetter I became more aware of her shape and felt her pubic hairs tickling my mound. Soon we were both so moist that our panties made a slippery noise as they rubbed together. It felt like our cunt-lips were kissing through a curtain of slick wet cotton and neither of us wanted it to stop. OK, so I'd done this kind of thing before and it wasn't exactly a novelty. But doing it with a beautiful heterosexual girl was certainly a new experience and it quadrupled the thrill. To Mandy, however, the whole thing was like exploring a galaxy of new sensations and she climaxed far too quickly, her cunt shuddering against mine as she lay back gasping and breathless.

Feeling rather cheated out of an orgasm I lay flat on my back with my knees raised, waiting patiently for her to recover. After a while she sat up and crawled over like a slinky blonde cat, her hair tousled and her tongue licking her teeth. Her lovely face appeared between my thighs and was greeted by my finger, which flicked the tip of her nose while I complained about being deprived of my climax. Her profuse apology was completely unacceptable and I told her that she must finish the job with her tongue, a suggestion which I knew she would find terrifying. "I don't think I'm ready to lick you out," she confessed solemnly. Laughing, I told her not to worry about dipping her tongue in my flesh. "I'll keep my underwear on while you do it," I explained. Leaning up on my elbows I saw the trepidation in her eyes as she lowered her mouth to my crotch. Soft blonde tangles tickled my belly and thighs, making me shiver in anticipation. And then she kissed my panties, pressing her mouth gently against the damp cotton, her lips meeting the outline of my swollen labia and making my clitty tingle. A second kiss followed, and a third, before she brought her tongue into action. So expertly did she lick me that I found it hard to believe this was her first time with a woman. My fingers entwined in her hair as she trailed her tongue all over the front of my underwear, her tender licks tracing the edge of my panties from gusset to hip and even swirling over the CK logo on the elastic waistband. The tip of her tongue wriggled inside my navel before running back down to my slit, where I eagerly awaited its attention. But to my amazement the licks continued their downward journey, curling beneath my gusset to tease the place where my buttocks begin. There, at the limit of Mandy's ability to stretch her tongue out of its roots, I felt cotton being pushed against my asshole, tantalising my senses with the promise of oral depravity before the night ended.

Her tongue returned to my crotch and licked me to an incredibly exquisite orgasm, one of the best I've ever experienced during panty play. While I lay trembling and sweating, Mandy gently caressed my twitching mound and asked me if it was completely shaved. It was an interesting question because after that night I started to grow back my pubic fuzz after two years of smoothness. I told her that my ex-lover had insisted that I shave before sex, and that it was a fairly common practice on the lesbian BDSM scene. I figured Mandy might be curious to know more about it, but she admitted to being rather prudish about sexual matters and squeamish about anything to do with bondage, so I dropped the subject altogether. Her confidence, though, seemed to be growing, helped no doubt by another bottle of beer. Barely had I regained my breath when she flipped me onto my belly and started massaging my legs, telling me that from behind I looked like a teenage boy. Her massage technique was hopeless, but that didn't matter when her hands at last reached my ass. She showered my buttocks first with compliments, then with lots of tiny kisses. I'm very proud of my firm bottom and plenty of women have said it looks pretty good in high-cut panties, but hearing the compliment from a hetero girl did a whole lot more for my vanity. Having my ass-cheeks kissed and caressed by a gorgeous sexy blonde made all the difference, although at one point I wondered if it wasn't so much my pert curves as the CK logo that attracted Mandy's attention. "God, Jenny, I really love these knickers!" she droned, running a finger slowly up and down the cleft between my ass-cheeks. I guess the panties weren't so important after all, because soon she pulled them off, leaving me completely naked. Her hands were suddenly caressing all over my body, roaming frantically across my skin, even running around my bristly head and fondling my ears. I heard her making strange cooing noises, like someone would make when stroking a cute pet, and again she started calling me tiny baby girl and similar irritating rubbish. Fortunately she regained her composure before I got annoyed, and she compensated for her silliness by exploring between my buttocks with a nervous forefinger. I guess my ass posed less of a threat to her heterosexuality than the oozing slit on the other side, or maybe she was pretending that I was a young skinhead guy whom she'd picked up in a nightclub? Whatever the reason, I certainly had no complaint to make, especially when she started doing some sleazy things with my asshole. First she stroked the rosebud very cautiously, giggling when my buttocks writhed in response, then she put the tip of her finger inside, giving a little astonished gasp when my anus clasped her finger like a fleshy vice. "Have you done this with your boyfriend?" I inquired. "No," came the reply. "He'd hate anything like this."

Without lubricant I wasn't going to let her ream my ass too deeply, but I allowed her to probe a little way inside, until I began to feel sore. Without asking her to stop I just rolled over onto my back and watched her as she sat staring at my nakedness. Her face looked very troubled and I guessed the reason immediately. "Don't do anything unless you're comfortable with it," I advised. "All we're doing tonight is having a bit of fun, so don't feel under any pressure." Mandy gave a long deep sigh and smiled faintly. "I know, I know. But I really want to do things with you, and then my head gets so messed up about it. I'm so fucking stupid sometimes." "Forget it," I replied, my finger leisurely stroking my hairless slit. Mandy sighed again and said: "You're so fucking pretty. I want to lick you all over, but I just can't let myself go that far." "If you like, we could just cuddle in bed," I suggested. "There's nothing wrong with kissing and caressing, and later we can go to sleep in each other's arms." Mandy nodded appreciatively. "That sounds really nice, Jenny." We rose to our feet and Mandy took off her panties. They were so wet that they shrivelled into a little white ball which rolled under the sofa. The dark triangle between her thighs was a mat of soft curls that I longed to explore, but I knew Mandy might not be happy to oblige. I held her hand and led her to the bedroom, where my big bed awaited us. Beneath a single white sheet we snuggled, giggling like schoolgirls, kissing and touching. With our bodies partly concealed she seemed to feel easier about making love and soon she lay moaning while my fingers probed deep inside her cunt. One by one her inhibitions crumbled, and for the first time she truly relaxed, allowing my tongue to coax her clitoris to an orgasm that actually brought teardrops to her eyes. When at last she reciprocated, her appetite was hungry and feverish, her mouth devouring my cunt so eagerly that I feared she would bite a chunk out of my flesh. Our tongues reamed each other's assholes, but Mandy denied any rear access to my fingers, even when I produced a tube of jelly from the bedside drawer. Still, it was my best night of sex in those first few months of the new millennium and it definitely ranks high among my seductions of hetero women. The morning came too quickly, as it always does, and Mandy woke early, saying she had to leave immediately. I didn't try to deter her because I saw that she had been crying, but we cuddled under the sheet one last time before she got dressed. We both laughed when she retrieved her panties, which were still a little damp ball of white cotton, but Mandy felt anxious about travelling "commando" in such a short dress. Luckily I was able to save the situation by giving her a brand new pair of pink panties from an unused multipack. As I never wear pink underwear it was no big deal to me, but Mandy expressed her gratitude by giving me a wonderful slurpy kiss. That turned out to be our final act of tenderness, for within moments she was gone, her shoes clattering on the stairs as she hurried out of the block. I crawled back into bed and dozed for a while, before staggering into the lounge where her panties lay on the sofa. I picked them up and took them back to my bed, where I sniffed and fondled them while gently masturbating. I didn't feel sad about finding and losing a cute lover so quickly. Mandy was a real tonic whom I'll never forget, and I guess she won't forget me for a long time. We both know we'll never meet again but somehow it doesn't really matter.

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