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Title: Wash Day

?Can you stay late tonight Helen? said Mr Barker.? The Accountant will be in first thing in the morning. Could you just check everything's up to date, you know what a pain he is??
?No problem Mr Barker I'll check them over? ?Thanks? said Mr Barker, as he left.

As Helen started on the accounts, she heard a noise behind her. It was Ben, Senior Engineer, and the object of Helens deepest fantasies. Ben was gorgeous, tall with dark hair, sexy velvet brown eyes, mischievous smile, and a tight peachy ass she was dying to squeeze.

They started talking, both were divorced and found each other easy to talk to, and as time went on the subject turned to sex.

?Is it true that a woman can cum without touching herself, or being touched?? asked Ben.

?I've never heard that before,? replied Helen.

?Want to find out?? asked Ben

Without waiting for a reply Ben led Helen to her chair and closed the blinds. He locked the door, and stood behind her.

He leant over her and told her to close her eyes. ?Just imagine I'm stroking you all over your body, caressing you, and touching you over and over again from your head to your toes.? Helen lost no time in imagining. This was what she had imagined for weeks. The images in her head mixed with Ben's hot breath in her ear, began stirrings from deep inside her pussy. She ached and wanted to touch the moist lips of her clit, but she couldn't

Helen was getting more and more wet, and began to writh around in her chair, panting, aching for Ben to touch her. His voice telling her that he was going to push his stiff cock inside, and fuck her until she begged for him to spunk inside her was driving her insane. Ben was talking faster and faster, and she could feel an orgasm building up deep inside her clit. ?I'm going to cum? Ben knew this and with a final few suggestions, Helen shuddered to a wonderful orgasm. Hot cum oozed from between her swollen lips into her white cotton panties. They were saturated.

The smell of her cum was all over the office, and when Helen opened her eyes Ben was standing next to her with the biggest hard-on she had ever seen. He began stroking it as she watched in wonder as the head throbbed. Ben took Helen, and pulled her out of the chair, and into the small workshop. He had just repaired a washing machine, and began switching it on. ?Time for another experiment? he said, ?Take off your skirt?. Helen slipped off the tiny black skirt, and stood before him in black high heels, and wet, white panties. He looked in appreciation, and slid his hand inside her panties. Helen spread her legs a little wider to allow him easier access to her clit. She began moving her hips against his probing fingers. Ben took his fingers out as she began to moan, and slowly licked each one, as he looked deep into her eyes. ?Fucking Hell, ? she thought, ?I'm going to cum again?

?Sit on the machine?, Ben instructed, as he set the dial to spin. As the machine started to gather speed, the vibrations travelled through her body. Ben watched her. Helen began to moan. Ben moved behind her, and unhooked her bra. Throwing it aside he reached around and took one of her nipples in each hand and rolled them between his fingers. Helen was getting wetter and wetter, and as she leaned back against Ben's chest she could feel his hard hot prick pressing into her spine. His warm breath on the back of her neck was making her loose control. As the machine gathered speed for the final time, Helens body started to shake, and her muscles contracted as her pussy spurted forth a torrent of hot liquid. She was soaked in sweat and cum.

?Positive result to my experiment? laughed Ben, ?Now my turn ?. In one movement, Ben gently pulled Helen from the washing machine, spun her around so that she was facing the machine, and turned it to spin once again. Helen's clit was pressed firmly against the left corner, her legs wide apart. Ben stood behind her, holding her tightly by the hips. Helen could feel his hot, erect cock pressing lightly against her lips, sending shivers throughout her body. Suddenly with a quick long thrust he was inside her; this was what her body ached for. Helen was unprepared for the gigantic waves of pleasure coursing through her. The machine spinning hard against her G spot, together with Ben's strong, rhythmic thrusts deep inside her, were too much. With a scream, convulsing and thrusting against Ben's prick, Helen came. Hot sticky pussy juice ran down over Bens cock, dripping out of her onto the floor. The contracting of Helen's clit around his knob, was taking him to the edge, making him feel like his balls were going to explode. Seconds after Helen, Ben was going to shoot. He thrust her against the washing machine until all of his spunk had been shot deep inside her. They both sank to the floor exhausted, sweating and panting.

Helen can't look at a washing machine without feeling a stirring down below !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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