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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: What This Girl Thinks Of

I have been riding a very nice wave, orgasm after orgasm each day. I thought I might share one of the fantasies i've had recently while masturbating. I thought others might appreciate what goes on in the mind of this woman, when she plays with her panties, lost in that pantyland I've come to love.
The other day, I made a quick escape, locked the door, grabbed the white wonder and undressed to bra and panties. I lay back and began my slow, slow, tease, using one hand to pull my panties aside, the other hand to gently tease with the vibe.

Slowly I inserted the white wonder vibe over and over, pulling him out to run along my lips, then slipping back into wetness. I was going crazy in no time, trying to hold off, teasing, going nuts, changing hands, eventually uncovering my tits from their white silk bra with a quick flip and then grabbing a handful to squeeze and then pinch at my nipple, then lick my finger, and get it wet, and hard.

It is difficult to do all this, alone, but I do.

Then, I slipped into my deep deep fantasy world and began to imagine an encounter. My friend is trying to get me together with another woman. She has never experienced a woman either, and I think of this some days. I did this day, and I imagined our first time, exploring this new world slowly. I imagined I had been so bold, and began to masturbate in front of her, to spur her on.

I imagined going crazy with her watching me, and my friend too! I imagined that as I got so close and needy, I asked her to slip over top of me, with bra and panties on, just like me. With her panty-covered pussy near my face.

I imagined she would go nuts, so close, with my hot breath on her pussy. Maybe she would finger herself, give her tits a firm 2 handed squeeze while I watched her hips bucking and longing for me to touch her, but so scared, yet, excited by it all.

At this point, I slip off my own silky baby pink panties, soooooooooooo smooth and soft, GOD they are beautiful. I hold them in my hand, and I imagine this women coming to me. I imagined she is over me, and I keep right on thrusting that vibe, over and over, and going nuts the whole time, as I slip, deeper, into my world, with her straddling my chest.

I take my panties and position them right at the perfect spot, the creamy juice I have left is between my fingers, and I slip out my tongue, and I imagine putting it into HER. I imagine the feel of her panties, super soft and wonderful against my tongue. I imagine the feel as my tongue gets them damp, with each flick to her pussy, and she becomes so much more needy to experience this also.

I imagine her smell, her pussy juice, is like mine, light, and so damn incredible. I imagine I LOVE IT.

I spread my fingers, and allow my tongue to push those fingers (lips) apart, push those panties through my fingers and I wonder if this is what a pussy would be like to be licking it with panties on.

I GO NUTS! fucking, bucking my hips, and flicking my tongue into the air, finding such comfort and overwhelming, erotic thrills in those panties that have her scent on them.

I imagine she pulls her panties aside, and I stick my tongue in, and then lick her slit over and over. I imagine she moves her pussy to get the most action she can get from my inexperienced tongue. I make smacking noises, like I imagine when I suck her clit, and lick her lips so loud, and stick my tongue right inside her secret place.

ohhhhhhhhhh, that is something to think about.

And when I do, wowowowowowowowowo do I cum hard!

I go crazy in my need, whispering for her to do the things I only imagine. Whispering for my friend to help her out, help me out, tell me how to do this, tell me how to pleasure another woman, tell her how to pleasure me, PLEASURE ME!!!!!


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