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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Anniversary Party

After reading some stories it brought back memories of the late sixties when pantyhose were first being introduced to the fashion scene. I was in my early teens and was attending an anniversary party with my mother. My parents had been divourced for a couple years and my Mom other than giving me everthing I wanted had become an alcoholic and after a few drinks forgot that she had a young daughter with her.
We arrived at the party that afternoon and mom was already lite up and quickly accepted the invite of two couples to head to a local bar as opposed to staying at the party. I was already use to this happening and with a key to our motel room in my purse I insured mom not to worry about me as I was capable of finding a ride back to the motel as numerous quests were staying there.
It was still early and just a few of the quest had arrived so I just wandered through the crowd just looking around. Even though I was approaching my sixteenth birthday I was rather petite, 5''3" and 110 lbs. I was wearing a mini shift with smoke colored pantyhose and black pumps. I had just discarded my garterbelt for pantyhose just a few months prior and loved the way they felt and the attention I received while wearing them. I had worn them a couple of time without panties although this night I wore them over a pair of black lace bikinis.

While I was wandering I met Kathy who was helping set up the tables for the party. Kathy was of a similiar build although 2 years my junior. She was wearing a gray jumper with a white blouse and knee socks and black flats. I sat at a small table by myself and watch why they prepared for the party. I couldn''t help but notice that Kathy was glancing in my direction at every opportunity and she finally approached me carrying a glass and a pitcher of water.

When she got close she asked if I wanted some water. Before I could answer Kathy awkwardly tripped sending the contents of her pitcher directly into my chest and onto my lap. I sprang to my feet shivering from the drenching of the cold water. Kathy immediately apologized and made weak attempts to dry me with a small hand towel that she was carrying. After things had settled down Kathy asked me to follow her to a vacant room where she could take my things a dry them in the dryer. I agreed and followed Kathy to a vacant bedroom on the first floor.

Entering the room Kathy told me to remove my wet clothing. Being wet and uncomfortable I quickly pulled off my dress, bra, pantyhose and panties. Kathy gathered them up along with my pumps saying that she would dry those too.

As she went to the door Kathy asured me that she would be returning in a half an hour with my clothes. I locked the door after she left and slid into bed and read an outdated magazine. After becoming bored with the magazine I looked at my watch and saw that 25 minutes had elapsed and anticipated Kathy''s return with my clothing any second. Fifteen minutes later I was having concerns and twenty minutes after I was ready ready to panic.

Wrapping a blanket aroung me I carefully opened the door and not seeing anyone in the hallway proceeded away from the crowd noise to the opposite end where I came upon the laundry. I quickly opened the door to the dryer expecting to find my clothes but finding it empty I shut it and scanned the room. My eyes stopped at a table where laid a gray jumper, white blouse,socks, bra, panties and black flats. Realizing what had happened I discarded the blanket and dressed in the available clothing.

I proceeded down the hall and reentered the party where I immediately saw Kathy sitting at a table wearing my outfit. The party was now in full swing so I resigned myself to sit at a table of pre-teen girls that were dressed in similiar fashion as me.

As I sat there steaming I began overhearing the conversation between the other girls. There was wondering where Kathy had gotten the new oufit. I couldn''t help to sense the jealousy in their comments especially when Kathy would move her legs displaying the darker tops and the seam over bikini crotch of my former underthings.

Kathy continued to enjoy the evening dancing with the guys while I sat with the bubblegummers. I thought about making an issue but instead caught a ride form an older couple back to the motel.

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