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Title: She Took My Clothes

During my final year of high school I had to get a passing grade in a government course in order to receive credit for graduation. I approached Kathy, an honor student, for help. Kathy may of been called a geek at that time, the 60's, as she dressed rather conservatively usually wearing knee length skirts with high buttoned blouses. And that day that was exactly how she was dressed.
On the other hand I was wearing a tight fitting burgundy colored minidress when I asked her prior to class time if I could get the answers to the final she had taken the previous hour. I offered good money but Kathy down played the dough and instead asked me to me to follow her to an deserted area of our school. When we arrived I immediately asked Kathy what her price was for her answers and to my surprise she stepped slowly around me and then asked me to pull up my dress.

When I asked her why she said that if I wanted to pass the test I wouldn't question her. I thought about for a second and then proceeded to lift my hem to my waist displaying my pantyhose top that covered my neatly trimmed strawberry blond bush.

After walking around me and grinning with approval Kathy directed me to stand behind a partition and totally disrobe. When I questioned her request Kathy again asked if I wanted the test answers.

I agreed and stepped behind the partition and removed all of my clothing and placed them outside of the partition. I stood in total nudity for what seemed an eternity until I heard Kathy tell me to count to 10 and then look for the answers outside the partition. When I reached 7 I heard the door open and close so I quit my count and peeked around the partition where I saw a paper with the test answers on top of Kathy's white blouse, black skirt and flats, white cotton bra and pantygirdle and beige nylons.

I dressed in Kathy's clothing as I studied the test answers.

I then went and took the final getting an A although feeling odd in Kathy's pantygirdle. Following my test I proceeded to studyhall where I saw Kathy sitting like the belle of the ball in my burgundy dress. After sitting at a table with a couple other girls one of them remarked about what had gotten in to Kathy causing me to look in her direction where Kathy was granting anyone in our direction a solid view up my former burgundy dress to her hairy brown muff that was visible under what was now her pantyhose.

Later in study hall I was passed a note from Kathy saying anytime that I needed help with schoolwork to just let her know.

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