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Title: Muddy Hose

Sometimes I feel like the lucky charms leprechaun who's tricks to get away always backfire and gets caught. Now being a woman in tan pantyhose and a short party dress, white dress pumps with 2 inch heels. I have about the same luck trying to stay out of mud puddles or getting smeared with some type of goop. Sperm, pastry, syrup etc.
This day I was planning to get the new intern in trouble for ruining my good pantyhose! And spending my last ten dollars for some new pantyhose. When I arrived at the office the Intern was there with a smirk on his face I wanted to slap right off so I went to my boss and told him of the interns behavior the other day he was so busy looking at my legs that he really was'nt paying attention!

Great I thought, now I have to put up with this oversexed loser! so I will assign the intern to drive out to the construction sites after the heavy rain and I will make a clean getaway! with the intern gone and the day almost done I checked myself no runs or goop on my clean hose! As I headed for the door my boss stopped me and asked where the intern was I said he was out on the costruction sites.

The Boss snapped JULIE! YOU LET HIM GO ALONE? HE HASNT RETURNED YET! Get in the car we need to get him!

I tried to talk my boss out of going but since this was my doing (ONE OF MY BLONDE MOMENTS) HE WOULD NOT LISTEN ! A typical man.

When we arrived my boss told me to get out and look for him. I told him I was wearing pantyhose and pumps and I was not dressed for the muddy sites but my nipples were hard from being mad so I stepped out and my feet sank in two foot of mud! YIKES!

As I walked calling for the intern the mud sank up to my shins as the gooey sensation weighed down my shoes and the mud filled my pumps YIKES!

Then I slipped and lost my balance falling forwards the wet sticky mud now covering my new suntan pantyhose and getting my vagina wet as the mud ran up my thighs I was really mad but turned on at the same time! then I slipped and my pumps slid off now my toes were totally covered in mud! ruining my nail polish! then my purse came open and my makeup, hairbrush, and last pair of clean pantyhose fell in the watery mud! Suddenly I looked up and there was the intern! standing at the edge of the puddle totally clean!

Get ME OUT OF THE MUD! I screamed, he then grabbed my hand as I slipped and slid collecting my purse and pumps and when I got to the edge the intern said JULIE FELL IN THE MUD!

YIKES! was all I could say. Lets get back to the bosses car I said as I planned for a another day and a clean getaway.

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