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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Contest

Here?s a great memory of pantyhose or tights as we call them in the UK???? During a disco for a friend?s birthday, some of us played a game in which we divided into 2 teams. Each team had be the first to find an item requested by the DJ. Things like combs, diaries, certain types and colours of common things found at the party.
Each team could only score if they were first to give the item to the DJ. Midway through the contest jersey?s and handbags were requested, and then a pair of men?s shoes, ladies heeled shoes, etc? you get the drift.

The DJ asked for a pair of men?s socks which came quickly from the other team, so we were behind in the scoring. The pattern for the last few items were men?s item, then women?s similar item. As we waited for the next item to be named I couldn?t believe that the DJ would ask for a pair of ladies socks, tights, stockings as it would mean some embarrassment for the ladies.

The DJ smiling and looking at the 2 teams slowly said ?a pair of ladies tights or stockings, and they need to be taken off and placed in my hand!?

Everyone erupted, either laughter or cheering, or shrieks from the ladies! There was understandably some hesitation! I looked around our team to see who was wearing tights to donate. We had only 1 possibility, a girlfriend of one of my mates who was about 30-ish. Diane was wearing a light blue dress, with light coloured nylons, and was red in the face with embarrassment!

We pleaded with her, and to my amazement she bent over and started to reach up her dress! She was trying to get her tights off and still maintain her modesty as much as possible. Her dress hem was already quite high and her white slip was showing. She was struggling though, to reach the tops of her tights with her fingers and was trying pull down the sides instead.

Then we heard a cheer from the other team as they had a volunteer, who proceeding to take off hers too, so now it was a race. The other lady was wearing darkish stockings and had lifted her skirt to the height of her suspenders and was unfastening them!

We pleaded with Diane to hurry! We promised to not to look while she did it! With no option left she took a deep breath and lifted her dress right up to her waist and pulled her tights down from there! But not before everyone had broken our promise?s and stared pleasurably at her lovely white lace knickers under her tights! Sucker!!!!

Tights now at knee height she sat down and quickly pulled them off her feet and passed the light and warm nylon to me?. I just beat the other team to win the round, by which time we didn?t care much for the result!!!!

We still tease Diane about it who says it was an embarrassing way to be popular, but fun! The incident caused discussion about wearing pantyhose or stockings, Diane said she always wore tights, while some others said they liked to wear stockings on special occasions, and some of those women surprised me, they didn?t seem the type! It just shows you can never be certain what?s under a ladies dress!

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