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Title: Dangling Shoes

I was having lunch at a small public park not far from my office one afternoon. It?s shaded by trees and it sits near a bay in the downtown area.
There are a few benches by the water and I was sitting on one them reading some papers and eating lunch. There was only one other person--a young good looking businessman --sitting on a bench directly across from me talking on a cell phone as he ate his lunch.

I was dressed in a navy blue pin striped business suit. I had left the jacket back at the office so I just had the skirt, which was three inches above the knee and a white linen blouse.

I was wearing sheer to the waist, 10 denier, dark blue pantyhose and matching sling back open toe shoes with 3 and a half-inch heels. The pantyhose were very sheer giving just a hint of their dark blue color to my silky smooth legs but they were the kind that had sheen to them. My legs shimmered in the sunlight.

I sat on the bench reading my papers and drinking my bottled water with my legs crossed. My skirt had ridden up my legs exposing much my shiny nylon covered thighs.

As I sat reading, I was unconsciously swinging my leg back forth and as I did I dangled my right shoe from my toes exposing my nylon covered foot.

It felt good and as I ate I swung my leg faster and faster, the shoe now just dangling from my big toe.

And then suddenly as I swung my leg up my shoe flew off my foot and launched itself across the grass and landed directly in front of the young guy sitting on the bench in across from me.

As I started to wonder how to get the shoe back without having to walk on the grass, the guy reached down and picked up the shoe and looked at me and smiled.

He then got up and walked the few feet to where I was sitting and stood in front of me and smiled again as he said, ?I believe you lost something.?

I laughed and said, ?Yes, I did.?

As I reached to get the shoe back from him he pulled it back and said, ?Do you mind terribly if I put your shoe back on for you.?

He was good looking and without hesitating I said, ?Of course not, go ahead.?

With that he kneeled before me holding my shoe in his right hand and with his left hand he took my right foot, cupping the bottom of it in the palm of his hand as his fingers grasped my nylon covered heel.

?You should be more careful with these;? he teased as he dangled my shoe high ... ?You could hurt someone.?

He still hadn?t put my shoe on...rather he was slowly massaging my stockinged foot as we talked a bit more. I didn?t mind at all.

Finally he said, ?Why not let me massage your feet before I put your shoe on. You?ve probably been on them all day and they could probably use a good massage.?

Without missing a beat I said, ?Sure, go ahead.?

With that he dropped my shoe and quickly removed the other shoe, dropping them both in the grass.

Before I knew he had both of my feet in his strong hands and was slowly rubbing and massaging them as we looked at each other and made small talk.

As he talked, instead of looking at me he looked at my feet and legs which were extended straight out by now.

His hands were slowly working the bottoms of my nylonned feet and ankles. His massage had now moved towards my ankles.

Finally he said, ?I love the way your legs look. Your stockings and everything. They look so smooth and silky. Do you always wear such sexy nylons to work??

Without hesitation I answered, ?Always!?

I was starting to enjoy this and I wanted to see how far it would go.

?I always wear pantyhose like this to work. I love the feel of the sheer nylon against my makes me very feminine. Don?t you agree??

?Oh, yes...definitely,? he answered with a smile.

?Why don?t I massage your legs too while I?m at it.?

?Please, go right ahead,? I answered.

With that he grabbed both feet and put one of them on each of his shoulders and then started massaging my legs and calves as I sat there with my legs straddling him as he kneeled before me. Then his hands moved quickly towards my nylon covered thighs. Bending forward he asked me, ?Why not hike your skirt up a bit so I can reach all of your thighs??

Without saying a word, I grabbed my skirt and pulled it back as far as it would go.

Now my crotch and pelvis were exposed, clad only in sheer blue shiny nylon. I wasn?t wearing panties and I was now starting to get a little wet.

He spoke, ?God, your legs are sexy?, ....and without asking he turned his head and started kissing the silky nylon .... his tongue darted in and out...he was now frantically kissing first my left leg and then my right.

I loved it.

Finally I said, ?Stop for a minute and stand up.?

He stood before me, towering over me ... he was dressed in tan business pants and I could see a huge stain had started to form on his crotch...without saying a word I raised both my legs and placed my feet on his crotch and slowly started massaging his crotch with both of my nylon covered feet....?It looks like you are excited there.?

?Just a little,? he answered with a smirk.

And with that he was kneeling before me again.

Now I was sitting on the bench, my skirt hiked as high as it would go, exposing my thighs and nylon covered pussy....and my legs were spread as far apart as I could spread them...he was kneeling between my legs massaging my thighs ... running has hands up and down the delicious, shiny nylon...and then...he was on me.

Suddenly he buried his face in my wet, pantyhosed crotch...slowly at first he started lapping the silky nylon....licking and lapping and kissing as I sat there transfixed and on the verge of cumming...right there in a public park in daylight.

As he nuzzled my cunt, I once again raised my legs and wrapped my powerful nylon covered thighs around his head...he never budged as he continued to kiss my pussy through the wet nylon.

Now he couldn?t move...all he could do was kiss my lovely cunt and a little bit of my inner thighs...I squeezed tighter...the nylon rubbing against his face.

He was moaning now as he continued to kiss my sopping wet pussy.

And then, I came....and rush of pleasure washing over my entire body...shuddering ... my cunt now a wet nyloned clad crotch soaked.

He stood up and smiled...a huge wet stain of pre cum now covering the crotch of his pants....he smiled and turned and walked away....

My head was swimming as I watched him walk away...and then I realized shoes were still right where he left them on the grass!

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