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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Pantyhose Life

I was 21 and my sister was 19. We were in college and sharing an apartment. My sister, Karen, hadn't had much success with the guys. She wanted me to help her and asked me what she could do to look more attractive to them. Neither Karen nor I had tried pantyhose, though I had enjoyed looking at girls wearing them. Karen said she would wear them if I think they'll work.
Karen usually wore jeans and a big pullover shirt. I thought she was a good-looking girl and I was determined to bring it out. I accompanied her on a shopping trip. I selected a sexy pair of pantyhose, open-toe shoes and a very short dress.

We got home and she put the three pieces on - dress, shoes and pantyhose. She looked unbelievably sexy. Karen said I've never worn pantyhose. I'll wear mine if you'll wear some. I said I'll try them.

Seeing Karen in pantyhose was an eye-popping experience - so hot, so sexy. I couldn't keep my eyes or hands off of her. We were sitting on the sofa. I told her to prop her feet up on my lap. I took her shoes off and rubber her feet. Her pantyhose felt so soft and smooth. I kissed her feet and Karen wanted to know why. I said it's your pantyhose.

We were ready to see what Karen new look would do for her. You could almost see her ass in the dress and the slightest bend would show everything. I invited two of my friends over to watch television. The plan was for Karen to come downstairs and join us. I would make up an excuse to leave. Karen walked down in the dress, open-toe shoes and pantyhose. The guys' jaws dropped.

I said guys this is my sister, Karen. Would you mind if she joined us? Believe me, there were no objections. They didn't watch any more television, only Karen. A few minutes later I said I'm going to get us some drinks. I'll be back in about 30 minutes. Guys entertain Karen for me until I get back.

Karen said that after I left she asked them to rub her feet as I had done. In no time they too were kissing her feet. She asked them if they would like to take her upstairs. They said let's go. One of them ripped a hole in her pantyhose. She took turns sucking one and letting the other one screw her pantyhose.

The next morning she told me that I had not tried my pantyhose. I put them on and was mesmerized by the feel they gave me. We both knew that we had to get us more pantyhose. We each took a bath. She already had on her pantyhose when I got out. She handed me a pair of pantyhose. I put them on and I finished dressing.

That night Karen said I'm going to change into a new pair of pantyhose. I said why. The guys are coming over and I want to look my best. I left before the guys were due to arrive because I didn't want to interfere. When I have a girl over for pantyhose fun, she will excuse herself.

Karen and I have not gone another day without pantyhose. She knows how to get me to do anything. All she has to do is to wear that short dress, open-toe shoes and those irrestible pantyhose.

Pantyhose has created a whole (hole) knew life for Karen. It was the beginning of a new life for both of us - a new pantyhose life.

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