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Title: Friendly Skys

This happened not so long ago while my husband Jim and I were on an airline flight. I have always liked to dress up a little when flying and this time I was wearing my favorite sheer pantyhose and heels and a dress that buttoned down the front. Whenever I wore this dress I would leave a few of the bottom buttons undone. This would create a nice slit up the front of the dress and was perfect when walking or sitting to show my legs adorned in their pantyhose . Jim really enjoyed this.
This was an evening flight and I?d estimate it was about 50o capacity. Jim & I were sitting together near the back of the plane on the left side. I was in the window seat and Jim was in the aisle seat with the center seat open between us. When sitting in the seat with the seat belt fastened the slit on my dress opened nicely. It also rode up a bit. I crossed my legs and I?m sure the view for someone walking down the aisle would have almost shown the crotch of my pantyhose and my lace panties but with my legs crossed I concealed myself just enough to keep from being arrested. I knew Jim was eating this up as his hands were all up and down my crossed nylon covered legs. The situation lent itself well to getting aroused. I?ve always had a bit of exhibitionism in me and with Jim caressing my legs through the sheer nylon and being in the plane with other people was starting to get my arousal going.

Shortly after takeoff I noticed a business man sitting one row ahead and on the opposite side of the plane. He kept looking back and staring at my legs. Jim didn?t notice this right away since he was looking at my legs also. This man was good looking and the fact that he kept turning to look at my legs was adding to my arousal. He obviously wasn?t concerned about being discreet. He wasn?t trying to sneak a peek now and then...he was blatantly staring. I uncrossed my legs and crossed them the other way while he was looking. We made eye contact and he smiled. Jim still had not noticed this man but he sure noticed that I was getting aroused. He would slyly try to slide his hand between my thighs but with my legs crossed I was making it difficult for him. As soon as we were at cruising altitude I excused myself to the lavatory. It was a bit of a chore but I removed my lace panties and my bra. When I got back to my seat I took my purse from under the seat in front of me placed it on my lap and put my bra and panties in my purse. I made certain my admirer across the aisle saw me doing that. All I had on was my sheer pantyhose and this slinky button down dress.

What a feeling it gave me.

The man looked ahead momentarily when the flight attendant asked him what he wanted to drink. I quickly undid a couple of top buttons revealing my cleavage and the tops of my breasts. Jim thought I was doing this for him and smiled and winked at me. The cabin lights were dimmed so I reached up and turned on my reading light. This is when I let all my inhibitions go. I uncrossed my legs and spread them just enough to expose the crotch of my pantyhose. Jim immediately took the cue and rubbed his hand over it. He couldn?t believe how wet I was. I had soaked through the sheer crotch of my pantyhose. Jim?s touch sent a shiver through me. I reclined my seat and let him continue his touching.

I was engrossed in this by now. Between Jim?s caresses and the eyes of a stranger taking it all in I was in heaven. I opened my legs further. The dress opened more and my entire crotch was now exposed. The wetness standing out vividly with the reading light as a spotlight. It was like I was on center stage in a strip club. I had never been so blatant like this. I couldn?t stop. Jim was getting bolder and bolder. I felt his crotch and I?m sure he was having a very tough time containing himself. Jim reached in the top of my dress and got a quick feel. I placed my own hand on my crotch and rubbed the wetness for a few seconds.

I looked over at my admirer and slowly licked my finger. He must have been going crazy by now. I reached up and turned the reading light off. There was enough light from other nearby reading lights and it made for a nice subdued light which allowed me to go even further. I asked Jim to get me a blanket from the overhead. I just kept it handy at my side for now. I then whispered in Jim?s ear to undo my buttons. Jim immediately undid "all" of the buttons on my dress. I took a quick look around and saw that no one else could see or was paying attention and opened my dress all the way. Laying me fully exposed in the reclined seat. My breast and the waistband of my pantyhose and of course the wet crotch of my pantyhose.

Jim kissed each nipple while rubbing me through my pantyhose. His fingers pushing the nylon into me. I started to squirm in my seat. I was on the edge. The feeling I was having was extraordinary. I felt like screaming out but I knew I couldn?t do that. I undulated my hips. Making small thrusts into Jim?s hand. Jim asked me to raise my hips just enough so he could slide the waistband of the pantyhose down over my hips and butt. He pulled them all the way down to my ankles. I kicked off my heels and completely removed my pantyhose. Jim worked me to orgasm. It was very difficult because it was so very intense but I was not at liberty to just ?let go?.

It took a while but I gradually composed myself, buttoned my dress and put my heels back on. I was totally nude under my dress now. I took the pantyhose with my love juice stained crotch and folded them into a Wall Street Journal which had been in the seat pocket in front of me. I then got up to go back to the lavatory. Jim let me out and when I was in the aisle I looked over at my audience, winked and handed him the Wall Street Journal. I was afraid he may confront me when we landed. Since Jim and I had only a carry-on bag we scurried off the plane and never looked around to see.

I remained in absolute nirvana for 2 days after that. Jim told me a couple of days later when we were getting "into it" that he had been aware of what was going on the entire time and that it was as much a turn-on for him as it was for me.

Hope you all enjoy my most favorite pantyhose experience. And if that very special passenger happens to read this, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

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