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Title: Peeing While In Line

Well there I was on a Friday afternoon, tenth in line at the bank dressed in my best lowcut business skirt suit and sheer Wolford suntan colored nylons waiting an eternity to get my corporation's business checks deposited. Normally there's a special line just for those with business accounts, but apparently this day they were short handed and made everyone first come, first serve.
I'd been standing in line for nearly twenty minutes already and I was beginning to feel a bad situation creeping up on me. I really needed to pee badly. This was bad, I knew, but was damned if I was going to lose my place in line after all this time and start over. I looked behind me, and saw the line extending far back, as others suffered the same fate as I did.

Damn, I really have to go soon. I crossed my legs as I stood, trying to look casual and clamped my pussy muscles as tightly as I could without looking like I was having trouble. The old woman behind me chuckled and whispered in my ear. "Need to go potty, huh? I know the feeling. This damn bank is always like this on Friday."

I nodded politely, smiled, and tried not to look embarrassed. No one else seemed to be paying us attention, except a rather perverted looking guy a couple people down. He was looking at my silky pantyhosed legs, and was making no effort to turn his eyes when I saw him. I can't blame him though. I know I've got a great body with very sexy legs. That's why I invest in Wolford brand nylons. Only the best for the best. He'll probably be jacking off when he gets home, the geek.

But I couldn't really stop to think about his lewd staring as I really felt my bladder pressure mount. I'd drank a large ice tea while on my lunch break and now was paying the price for my foolishness. C'mon, damnit. I cursed as the line advanced ever so slowly. I shifted my legs so that my thighs and calves were pressing hard against each other and bit my lower lip as I tried to look nonchalant.

Finally the person in front of me took a big step forward. I did the same, and quickly froze as I felt a burst of hot urine escape my vagina and soak my hose.

Oh my god... I began to panic as I felt the pee begin to trickle down my thighs towards the floor. I looked down slowly and saw just the smallest of dark wet spots on the royal blue carpet.

I'd just pissed in my pantyhose in a bank full of people. I slowly looked behind me, but no one seemed to be looking back at me, except that guy who was now smiling at me.

Oh, great. A freak who is probably into panty pissing and that kind of thing. Why can't he just look away, and let me think I wasn't noticed?

But, again, I couldn't think about him as the pressure mounted. Just then I remembered I was wearing a white skirt, and prayed that I'd not stained it. I casually placed a hand behind me and felt the material, but it seemed dry, so maybe I was lucky.

Suddenly my bladder, all with a mind of its own began to spasm, and as I bent forward in response to the pain, felt another hot stream of golden liquid squirt out of me and pour down my legs, really soaking my nylon covered thighs. Shit! There was no covering this one up, as pee freely dripped onto the blue carpet and made a fist sized stain. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I've never wet myself, not even as a little girl while growing up.

I glanced over at that man again and my eyes drifted down to his crotch. I could tell he was really hard, and enjoying my shame. I turned my eyes forward and suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. Before I could spin around, I heard the old lady's voice again. "Honey, you're soiling yourself. You should get to the restroom."

She sounded sympathetic, and at this point I agreed with her, wholeheartedly. I no longer cared about the line. I just wanted to get out of there, but I was afraid to move for fear that I'd only go again. My bladder still felt really distended and was pulsating with little spasms.

With a sigh, I realized the longer I stayed put, the more forceful the sensation would get. And apparently, I was no longer in control of anything. So with as much dignity as I could muster, I turned from the line and made a quick run for the toilet. As you can guess, each step brought forth a fresh squirt of pee, and I could now tell my skirt was no longer unscathed.

When I at last finally made it to the restroom door, I placed my hand on the knob only to find it was locked. - No!!! I pounded on the door, but could only hear faint noises on the other side. I couldn't believe my luck. All bets were off now, so I just ran from the bank into the outdoors and stood on the sidewalk, as I tried to dig for my car keys with shaky hands. The next thing I know, that guy is right in front of me, staring at my wet pantyhosed legs and rubbing himself perversely. "Hey, lady." He began. "You are so damn hot and sexy. Please, just piss yourself all the way, here on the sidewalk."

I stared at him dumbfoundedly and thought to say something, but then it suddenly dawned on me that this guy had already seen me soak myself, so why not just finish what I'd unfortunately started, and be done with it? I mean, I'm going to go either here or in my car, and I'm not about to pee myself on the leather seats of my Lexus...

"Fine, you fucking pervert. I really hope you're enjoying this." I dared to say, as I felt anger replace indignation. "Tell you what, why don't we go over to the side by those trees, and I'll give you your little show if you pull out that dirty cock of yours and jack off for me!"

I never really thought he'd have agreed to it, but that's what I get for being sarcastic and underestimating a clown like him. But, nevertheless, we went over to to the tree, just out of sight of mostly everyone, and I spread my legs about two feet apart and let my four inch pumps push themselves firmly into the ground.

I then smiled at him and cussed. "Here you go, you perverted fag. Enjoy it." I closed my eyes and let myself totally relax. In an instant I felt the hot golden liquid spray from my nylon covered cunt. Since I never wear panties under my hose, there wasn't much to slow the flow.

I don't know why, but suddenly I was feeling turned on by all of it. I mean here I was urinating in my $30 Wolfords like a cheap whore on an internet fetish site in front of a man I didn't know, and What was wrong with me?

But this feeling....oh god, I feel so...naughty. I opened my eyes as my pulse raced and looked at the man who by now had his dick out and was stroking it furiously as he lusted after me.

On impulse I asked him if he wanted me to wet his cock so he could get a better stroke, to which he eagerly nodded. I turned around and lifted the back of my, now very wet skirt and told him to slide his rod in between my legs and push his head against my hosed pussy.

He quickly did so, and as he did, I felt little waves of orgasm run throughout my whole body. I gripped the tree in front of us for support as my knees threatened to buckle. Once I balanced myself, I let myself go again and soaked his hot rod and front of his pants. I suddenly wanted him inside me, as I felt my own sexual tension rapidly build, but then felt a hot wetness shoot all up in the crack of my nylon covered ass.

I put my hand down there and smeared the sticky cream all over my ruined hose and began to finger myself, but quickly had it pushed away as he buried his head in my crotch and began to lick my vagina through the smooth material.

I couldn't take it anymore! I pushed him down onto his back and lowered my cunt onto his face and slowly rocked back and forth as he ate me and lapped up every little bit of cum he'd shot on my womanhood.

Then suddenly, my body exploded as a million little shock waves coursed through my body. I've never cum that hard. Ever!

By the time I'd calmed down and relaxed, reality suddenly set in and got scared. I looked up and around, but amazingly saw no one in the area. I quickly got up, and smoothed out my dirty skirt and looked down at the man who stared back up at me with relaxed eyes.

Without a word, I walked away and got in my car and drove away, never looking back.

Needless to say, I never went back to that bank ever again, but discovered something new about myself, and will never underestimate the power of a fetish. From that day forward, public urination became a real turn on for me, though I never ever let a stranger do that to me again. This time I was in full control, and to this day have soaked more pairs of nylons publicly than I can count, and have left my mark, a very wet mark on many a floor.

So next time you see a wet spot on the carpet in front of you when out shopping or banking, it may not be just a spilled drink, but the sign that I or someone like me was there before you. Hey, you never know...

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