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Title: A Surprise For My Teacher

One day back in June of 01 I received a phon call it was from my former teacher Mrs. Gloria Edmunds "Charles could you come and keep me company Tim and my daughter are not here now and I NEED that big cock of yours" I said "I'll be right over" . I said so I pack my 3/8' drill with special dildo attachment and I drove the 35 miles to Hesperia CA. Traffic was heavy this day people going to Las Vegas. So when I finally reach her house I rang the bell and 30 seconds later she open the door Gloria!!! I said it so good to see you you lost weight? "Yes I did" She said." YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!!" I said
We kissed and she lock the door behind us. She ask me about my drill case and I told her it was a surprise for later. She pour us a couple of Budweisers and we sat down and talk and as soon as she cross her hose cover legs i got a good look at her hose cover thighs it made my 8 1/2 inch cock hard in my pants for a 51 year old women she was hot. She had on well taylored red business suit with black pantyhose and black boots.

So Charles "You hungry" she said and I said "Yes I am Gloria" so after a wonderful meal of fried chicken and mash taters, shes a wonderful cook, I ask her whats for desert and she said "ME" and I said your the desert and thats when I almost cream in my pants and Gloria noticeing my bulge in my pants. So we went back to the living room and she began. She removed her glasses she looked even more beautiful with them off. And began to removed her jacket and her blouse in a slow strip tease which had me drooling like a baby. After she removed her blouse she took off her bra to reveled her MAGNIFICENT 38Ds and her nipples were rock solid hard you could have split a diamond with them she continued and removed her skirt to reveled a well trimmed pussy.

"COME TO MAMA CHARLES!!!!" She said. "OH GLORIA. So I stood to where she was standing and she placed her hand on my pants and could feel my lead pipe through my pants. "OH CHARLES MAMA NEEDS YOUR COCK!!!!" she said and I said" HOW BAD DO YOU NEED IT GLORIA HUH HOW BAD!!!!" as I place a couple of fingers in her snatch SHE WAS DRIPPING WET!!!! her panties WERE SOAK "Oh Gloria your wet" I said. "I know" She said with a wink.

She unbuckled my pants and let my monster 8 1/2 inch cock out of its prison. "OH YOU MAGNIFICENT CREATURE YOU!!!!" She said. Its been too long since I had your cock in my cunt Charles. As she began to stroke its length. "Careful with Mr. Johnson Gloria very sensative head and if your not careful he will bite" I said, She said "I know I remember the last time I stroke this MAGNIFICENT tool of your it started to spit precum out at me" She said, and she went on saing "Charles may I lick your shaft" "OH YESSSSS GLORIA GO RIGHT AHEAD" I said. And she began she took my cock in both hands and started at the base moving her tongue up an down the length of my shaft I let out a low moan of pleasure Ohhhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhiiittttt!!!!! I said as she continued to lick it like an ice cream cone, and then it happen SHE PUT THE ENTIRED LENGTH DOWN HER THROAT!!!!! Sending me into seventh heaven its been a while since anyone has deep throat me not even my fincee can deep throat me the way Gloria can what an EXPERT!!! she is. OH GLORIA DO IT BABY SUCK ME GOOD AHHHHHHH

After 10 to 15 Minutes she turn around and place her ass on my face and we did 69 I spread her ass cheeks to get a good view of her cunt and started to lick her cunt again for the first time in about 2 years and I was thirsty anyway her juices tasted GOOODDD like sweet nectar from the Gods. She let out a low moan of pleasure as soon I placed my tongue on her cunt, "OH CHARLES YOUR TONGUE FEELS SOOOOO GOOOOOODDDD ON MY CUNT!!!!!" she hissed with clench teeth as she went back sucking my lead pipe and I knew it wasn't long i could feel her cunt muscles tighting "OH BABY I'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM CCCCCCCCCUUUUUU MMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG UUUUUUNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! and she EXPLODED!!!! in my face a white milky goo very sweet and I drank it ALL like my life depended on it. She turn around and said "Oh look at you your face is a mess Charles let me clean for you"and she proceeded to lick her own juices off from my face MMMMMMMMM I taste SOOOOOO GOOOODDDDDD She said and we laid there in each others arms

"Gloria" I said after she licked all of her juices off my face "Did anyone told you that you have beautiful eyes" I said "Oh Charles your so sweet and I looked deep into her hazel colored eyes and we kissed a DEEPPP locking kissed our tongues dance in each others mouths. Just relax Gloria Its my turn to give you pleasure, I started by kissing her neck and went down to her sholders and then to her 38s her nipples WERE STILL HARD!!!! I suck on them and Gloria let out a low moan of pleasure "OH BABY PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!!" She said as I bit them gently as I continued down her svelte body.I kissed her belly button and went down to her juicy cunt.Herlit was FULLY EXPOSE from its hood as soon as I place my tongue on her clitoris it sent shock waves through her body as her whole body lifted from the floor while screaming like a wild banshee "OH GOD DAM IT YOU FUCKEN BASTARD" she said as I placed my ENTIRED FIST INSIDE HER FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER her pussy was like a cave "OH CHARLES DON'T YOU DARE STOP RAMMED YOUR FIST IN MEEEEEEEE UNGHHHHHHHHH" She said and in minutes I had her crying like a baby "Oh Charles I'm about to CCCCCCUUUUMMMM and she had her 2nd orgasm cumming all over my fist the same white goo as earlier "Are you alright baby" I said. And she said "OH WONDERFUL CHARLES as I went to the bathroom to wash up.

When I came back Gloria was still in shock from the experence sitting on the sofa she look at my cock and she beg me to fuck her. "You want my BIG cock Gloria huh you wanted don't you you filthy little whore" I said "OH CHARLES I LOVE IT WHEN YOU TALK DIRTY TO ME YESSSSS CHARLES PUT IT ME RAM THAT MONSTER IN MEEEEEE NOWWWWWW DAM IT" She said. Since the sofa was too small I put her back on the floor.her legs spread wide and her cock hungry cunt hole was also wide open like some monster from a late night horror movie it WAS UGLY. I too my pole stroke it a few time to get it hard and I PUT IT IN HER CUNT I RAMMED IT IN AS HARD AS I COULD she screamed loud as my 8 1/2 inches enter her womb."OH YOU FUCKEN BASTARD CHARLES RAMMED IN MEEEEE RAMMED IT I SAID." So I did as she wrapped her boots cover legs around my back for support.I pound her good like I was punishing her for keeping me after school a couple of years earlier. "OH YESSSS CHARLES GIVE IT TO ME GOOOODDDDD BABYYYYY GIVE IT TO ME GOOOOOO AHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!!!" She said."OH SHIT YOUR TIGHT GLORIA.Ande WAS for a 51 year old women her pussy was STILL tight it was like I put my cock in a vise her pantyhose were soak with our juices as I felt her boots tighting around my back as I continued to pound her womb into submission. "OH MY GODDDDDD CHARLES FUCK ME GOOOOOODDD AND HARD YOU BASTARD SOOONNNN I'M GONNA CCCCUUUUMMMMM KEEP ON RAMMING YOU COCK IN MEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHHUUUUNNNNGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! and in another 5 to 10 minutes I hit her G Spot and thats was all she needed she was wailing from the top of her lungs like a wild women in extreme heat "OY VEY I'MMMMMM CCCCCUUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGGG CHHHHHAAAAARRRRRLLLEEESSSSS" She said. "OH GLORIA I TOO AM CCCCCUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGG "HERE COMES MY SCALDING SPERM DEEP INSIDE YOUR WOMB GLORIA YOU WANT MY SPERM BITCH HUH?!?!?! YOU WANT IT BITCH DON'T YOU". I said "OH CHARLES PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR SPERM MAMA NEEDS IT BAD NOWWWWW PLEEEEEEESE BABY". She said "OK GLORIA YOU ASK FOR IT HERE IT COMES UUUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHHH". And I shot my sperm deep inside her hitting her "G" Spot we both came together,as I had my 1st and she had her 3rd orgasm. After we settle down a bit she release her grip from my back and we laid there in each other arms for the 2nd time, "You alright Gloria" I said "OH Charles you were fabulous that cock of yours should be enshrine in a museum."
She said. And all of a sudden we heard a loud ugly slurping noise it was my cock comeing out of her cunt.

We laid there Frenching our tongues dance in each others mouth. "Charles" she said.I said "Yes baby what is it?".I think your cock needs cleaning!!" she said. "OH GLORIA YOUR RIGHT MY COCK NEEDS CLEANING PLEASE CLEANING IT FOR ME!!!!" . said so I laid back and she began to "clean" my cock as she took my shaft and started to lick both of our juices off as I started to moan "OH GLORIA YESSSSSS BABY LICK MY SHAFT!!!!" I said. As my cock began to get hard once again she place her tongue on my cockhead to lick off my new pre cum that was coming out, she went under the shaft to lick my scrotum and putting my onions in her mouth. "OH SHIT GLORIA KEEP ON LIKE THIS AND I GONNA CUM SOON!!!" I said.after she gotten my cock clean she went to the froger position squating down on my cock and letting out a low moan of pleasure. "You want more huh Gloria". I said. As she began to go up and down on my shaft. "OH BABY I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR COCK." She said. I was holding her hips with both hands as she continued to ride my shaft like a ride at Disneyland. "OH GOD GLORIA I'MMMMMMMMMMM CCCCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG UUUUNNNNGGGHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! as I shot another scalding load in her cunt. "OH CHARLES GIVE IT TO ME AGAIN BABY". She said. As I had my 2nd orgasm.

She kissed me on the forehead and on my lips which I return. "Charles Honey I'm ready for my surprise" She said. "Are you sure your ready Gloria?" I said. "Oh YESSSSSS BABY I'M READY FOR IT". She said. And so I went to get my drill case took out my 3/8 rechargeable drill with dildo attachment and I said to Gloria "Honey get on all 4s please". "Ok" She said so she got on all 4s as I inserted the dildo bit in her asshole and turn on the drill. "OH DAM YOU CHARLES YESSSS DRILL MY ASS GOOOOODDDD BABY" She said. As I grab her behind her head I put the drill in reverse "ANGHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHH UNNNNGGGHHHH she cried out. As I was drilling her from behind I placed my left hand on her clitoris which was STILL HARD!!!! and as soon I put my thumb on her clit that was all she need it as she went over the edge and EXPLODED into her 4th orgasm "OH CHARLES YOU BASTARD I'MMMMMMMMMM CCCCUUUMMMIINNNGGGG AGHHHHHHHHHHHH UNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHH. She said as pull the drill out of her asshole

"Oh Honey NO ONE as ever use a drill on me before that WAS a nice surprise baby I'm spent why don't we rest now and finish later.Charles my pussy and my ass needs a little break and besides my family won't return until next week I think you can stay for a while can't you" She said. And I said "Gloria I can stay for as long as you want me baby." And we laid there in each others arms we kiss and fell asleep right there on the floor knowing that I wasn't finish with her yet.

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