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Title: Angel's Mystery - Part 3

Three days past since her interview with John, and Angel was still curious with what he d told her. Angel interviewed other men that had been attacked. Every one of them had basically the same experience; they had all been blindfolded and handcuffed. Throughout each interview Angel kept thinking about her experience with John. Yes and you even felt very similar to what she felt like inside. he had told her, but what could that mean.
Still not able to get her time with John, Angel decided to give him a surprise visit. Very happy with her decision, Angel thought that she should dress for the occasion. Rummaging through her closet, she picked out her favourite little red dress, and some matching high heels. Now for something skimpy underneath, I really want him to be panting this time. she snickered to herself. She walked over to her underwear drawer and saw the perfect bra, a red half-cup bra with matching crotchless panties. She debated with herself if she should wear pantyhose, stockings or to go barelegged. Still not able to decide, Angel slipped on the dress and slid into a pair of very sheer grey pantyhose, stepped into her shoes and looked at herself in her mirror. Wow, I d do me if I were a guy. Tee Hee. Just thinking about her visit with John, Angel could feel her sex getting wet; she reached down to see if she had soaked her pantyhose. Sure enough, wet as rain. The touch alone was enough to drive her crazy, she went to take off the pantyhose but the minute she moved them an inch, she almost climaxed. She couldn t restrain herself any longer she just had to masturbate. Her fingers stroked her clit as she slid her vibrator in and out turning it up, making it humm louder. Rubbing harder and faster, Angel fantasized about her future rendezvous with John, wishing it were he, thrusting inside of her. She could feel her juices rushing out of her and onto her bed as she came like she never did before. That s it, this is what I m going to wear. This time I m not leaving until I cum like that. That night Angel slept a solid sleep.

When she awoke Angel was excited about her surprise visit with John. She put on the dress and again debated whether or not to wear nylons of some sort. I ll go barelegged today. I want him to have the easiest access possible when the times comes.

Angel headed out the door on her way to see John. She found herself debating if seeing John is the right thing to do. She could see his house from where she had parked her car; sill debating she thought to herself: What s the worst he s going to tell me. She got out of her car and started walking over to his house. Still a few yards away from the house Angel could see that John had the company of a young woman. Just then John sees Angel and waives to her and motions her to come and join them.
Hello Angel, how are you today? Angel this is my good friend Donna. Donna say hello to Angel.
The two ladies shook hands and said hello.
Donna is a long time friend, we used to go to college together, and we shared some, hehe, rather interesting time together.
Angel was curious as to what interesting times meant, had they slept together in college or was it something else.

Angel took a good long look at Donna; she didn t seem to be John s type. She was taller than average but she was also a little heavier. It look as though she was approximately 5 foot 10 inches and weighed around 220 lbs. But she carried it very well.
Would anyone car for something to drink? asked John.
Just a water for me. replied Donna.
Same here. was Angel s reply.
John got up and walked around to the other side of the porch and entered his house to get the drinks.

Donna gave Angel a quick look over and stood up to stretch. As she did so Angel noticed Donna s ample chest.
I don t meant to be rude but I couldn t help but notice your chest. It s quite magnificent.
Thank You. replied Donna with an inquisitive look on her face.
May I ask, are they real?
Every last bit.
Would you like to touch them?
Angel was stunned by the question but was also hoping that she would ask that question.
It s quite alright, I get it all the time and I don t mind. added Donna.
With that Angel laid her hand atop Donna s shirt, just as she was going to remove her hand, Donna stopped her and says: No I mean really touch them. As she said that she took hold of Angel s hand and guided it under her shirt and even her bra and placed it on her bare breast. Still controlling Angel s hand she gave each breast a squeeze one at a time.

As John returned with drinks in hand her saw the two girls fondling one another. Angel s hand squeezing Donna s breast and her tongue licking her nipples. Donna s hands rubbing Angel s legs slowly making her way up to her buttock, when thy arrived, each hand squeezed its cheeks and spread them enough for John to see Angels wet hole. Neither of the girls noticed John watching them fondle one another.
You have such smooth legs and a MMM-MMM of an ass. said Donna in a sultry voice.
Thank you, you re not too bad yourself, your breast are very remarkable. replied Angel.
John coughed just as to get their attention. Both ladies removed their hands from one another.
No go ahead, as you were. I can leave the two of you alone. Just as John started to turn around Donna told him to stop. Angel and Donna gave each other a look knowing what each of them was thinking. They simultaneously turned their heads to John and both started fondling him, each with a hand on his chest and a hand on his crotch. Donna knelt down and undoes John s zipper with her teeth, at the same time she unbuttons his pants. Seeing that he wasn t wearing any underwear she took his shaft into her mouth and started sucking his rod. She could feel him growing inside of her mouth with every stroke. While Donna sucked on his rod, John lifted Angel s dress and found that she was wearing crotchless panties. With his forefinger and thumb he started pleasuring her clit. Enjoying all of the action Angel stimulated her breasts and nipples.
Angel. Your turn, this cock is calling your name.
Angel headed down to his pleasure rod but stopped to give Donna s nipples a quick lick. She then started stroking his shaft with her hand and replied to Donna: You re right it is calling my name. Then she took him entirely into her mouth and started sucking furiously.
Now you get to pleasure my pussy, but this time you aren t getting away with just your fingers. I want your tongue on it.
John grabbed Donna by the waist and set her up on the porches railing and lowered himself to his knees. All this time, Angel never let John s shaft out of her mouth. With Donna sitting on the railing, John on his knees licking her clit, Angel leaning back on the porch wall sucking on his rod, every one of them having a thrilling time.
Should we take this inside ladies? asked John.
MMM-MMM no way. answered Angel. This is much more thrilling.
Now stop talking, those mouths have more important business to take care of. ordered Donna.
John then reached down behind him and found Angel s love box and started rubbing her clit.

After a few minutes of licking and sucking, John relieved Angel of her duty, stood up and placed his erect penis into Donna s finely shaved pussy.
Oh that s a good fit. commented Donna.
John started thrusting in and out of Donna s love box, all at the same time Angel started pleasuring herself in the chair she had been sitting in prior to all the action. She rubbed her clit at the same pace as John was thrusting in and out of Donna. Knowing what it felt like to have John s magnificent shaft working it s magic, Angel knew Donna s pleasure.
I want a tongue licking my clit. ordered Angel.
Both Donna and John looked at Angel and gave her a wink. Donna got down of all fours in front of Angel and placed her tongue on her clit and licked it like she had ordered. John got on his knees and continued to thrust at Donna s love box.
Oh God that cock feels good inside of me. Don t stop.
I don t intend to, your pussy fells so good around my rod, holding it just right inside of you.
God I m going to cum, take that clit into you mouth and suck it till I cum. ordered Angel.
Donna did as she was told; within a few short moments Angel came in her mouth. She let Angel cum and ordered John to make her cum.
Yes ma am. John started to thrust quicker and harder, he used his hand to stimulate her clit.
Oh God yes, fuck me, fuck me good. My pussy s going to cum all over your cock. Just a little more.
Lets cum together. said John and thrust harder. Just a few more strokes.
Ooooohhhh Godddd, yes. yelled Donna as she came and released her juices onto the porch floor.
Just then John removed his shaft from Donna, just then Angel got on her knees and sucked on John erupting penis and took in all his jism.
That was well worth the visit, but I have to be on my way. I have some more men to investigate. Thank you both for the great time, hope to see you again sometime. then Angel was on her way.

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