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Title: Watching Roomate

I partied way too hard this weekend. We went to a kegger on Friday night, and my roommate and I ended up making out for a bit! Plus I got to lick her nipples! It started after some of the guys lifted us up on to a picnic table, and started cheering us on to dance to the music and show our tits. We were so wasted! I guess we got caught up in the moment having all those guys grabbing at our asses and thongs, because all of a sudden my roommate turned to me, and we started making out! That really got the crowd cheering! It felt so good to kiss her, and feel her tounge in my mouth while strangers felt me up. The guy that my roommate ended up sleeping with that night was behind her, and lifted her shirt up. When I saw her perfect tits I couldn?t help myself, and started licking her pink nipples! It only lasted for a minute or so before she was making out with that guy again, and some other girls had taken our places. Thank god I didn?t start getting sick until after that. I don?t think I?ve ever been that drunk before. Anyway, I ended up going back to the dorm, and passing out with my clothes still on. About two hours later I awoke to the sounds of my roommate fucking that guy right across the room from me in her bed! I made sure I didn?t stir, so they wouldn?t stop. My pussy instantly got wet when I heard her muffled moans and soft slapping sound as she rode up and down on him. From the light of the window I could see the outline of her on top of him with her skirt hiked up grinding her hips round and round! I could see his jeans were just pulled down but still on. I quietly reached between my legs, and slipped my fingers along the inside of my panties. The cotton crotch of my thong was already damp, and my pussy was soaked. My fingers slipped right inside me. It felt really good rubbing my clit while spying on her fucking. He must have been feeling good too, because within a minute or two I heard him cumming! I kept my eyes closed, and listened as they shuffled around, went to the bathroom, and left. It sounded like they were off drinking at the party again. I stayed still for a second to make sure they didn?t forget anything, and got up to see if my roommate had left her panties. Since it looked like they didn?t have time to undress I was hoping she had cum in them! I couldn?t believe how lucky I was when I look in her hamper, and right on top is the blue thong she wore tonight! I could already see that her panties were soaked completely through with cum! OMG - It was still warm! It had soaked right through the cotton panty crotch, and gotten the satin side of the panties all wet. I didn?t even make it back to my bed before I was sucking the wet cum right out of her panties! Her panties smelled so good. The smell and taste of his cum was very strong. It semed like it took forever for my computer to boot, so I could watch some porn. I didn?t wait to get my pocket rocket going. Once the computer was finally on I watched a great Creampie Video! I kept thinking about my roommates tight pussy slapping up and down on hard cocks while she?s got her panties pulled to the side. I know it sounds so nasty, but I?d love to eat her out right after she?s let a guy cum inside her. Have her put her panties on right after and then sit right on my face! Grind that cum through to the other side of the panty crotch on my face! Right when I came I was thinking about how my tounge would slide between the tiny thong and her used pussy!

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