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Title: Angel's Mystery - Part 1

Angel was an ordinary woman with an ordinary job. She loved being an assistant to one of New York's top lawyers. She took pride in her job and loved being there for her boss. Angel lived life just like most executive women do, she worked form 9 till 5, sometimes she put in some overtime to finish what needed to be done. Every day was basically the same, day in and day out. She loved this lifestyle.
One night while watching television, she saw a man being interviewed in Central Park with big smile on his face trying to explain what had just happened to him. "I was just sitting here minding my own business, watching the birds, when all of a sudden I was blindfolded and restrained. I could tell it was a woman that was doing this because the skin was soft, and so where the breaths. I can't tell you exactly what happened but I will tell you what I was feeling. She never used any force, just slow movements with her hands unbuttoning my shirt and unbuckling my belt. Then I felt warm breath on my chest, as if she was panting at the sight of it. I could feel the breath moving down, the next thing I know it feels as though I have a mouth on my privates. The warmth and wetness of it all was so erotic. I could help but get caught up in the moment. Minutes passed by like seconds, then I felt the cold breeze on my naked body. I tried to move my hands, I was shocked to find them fre!
e, and so I removed the blind fold and saw my shirt was wide open and my pants down to my ankles. The strangest thing of it all was that I was missing my underwear."

Night after night on the news, men were explaining these strange sexual stories and all of them had the same ending, missing underwear.

Angel was so caught up in these stories that they started to arouse her. Every time a man was being interviewed she couldn't help herself. Her hands sliding under her blouse, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her nipples through her satin bra. The more they described the even the more intense she felt. They would go on and describe what had been done to them and Angel's hands would roam her body from breast to thigh, and even to her "love hole", she found herself rubbing her clitoris. The more they described the events the harder and more intense she became. With the interviews finished so was Angel, she'd catch herself, hands under her skirt. She felt exhausted to the point she almost needed to fall asleep right then and there. Just before passing out she realized that when she removed her hands from down below she was not wearing any underwear; knowing she was wearing silk panties before the news she started getting curious.

Getting more and more curious as to what is happening to these men, she asked her boss if she could get some time away from work to resolve some "personal issues". He seemed little sceptical about the issues, but awarded her the time; he knew she could use it. After all, Angel would show up to work exhausted and seemed to not be fully mentally intact.

She dug right into the mystery her first day away from work. Having not found one single clue, she decided to go home and take the rest of the night off. Just like every other night, she turned on the nightly news and again, a man was being interviewed. "It sounds as though I'm making this up, but I swear to you and your viewers I am not. Everything I'm about to tell you is the truth. I too was blindfolded and restrained. She removed my shirt and undid my pants, but she didn't use her mouth on me like she did with the others. I think she actually had intercourse with me. I could feel the warmth and wetness of her "bleep" (vagina) surrounding my "bleep" (penis). It felt as though she was straddling me and making love to me right here on this bench. The more time went on the more vigorous she became. Up and down, faster and harder, and just before I came everything stopped. I felt the wind blowing on my almost naked body. My hands were freed and when I removed the blindfold I noticed my underwear missing." Throughout the entire interview Angel was once again touching herself. Rubbing and penetrating her vagina, this time she felt herself climax, thus causing her into convulsions. And again when she came back to her senses she realized that her underwear were missing again.

Wanting nothing more than to solve this mystery, Angel dedicated all her time and energy into it. Even money was not an object when it came to solving this mystery. The one thing she definitely knew about it was the fact that every time the reports came on T.V. she'd get really aroused. She started working on this coincidence. "Why is it that when I see the reports on the news I can hardly control myself?" she asked herself.

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