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Title: Busted In A Garter Belt

I?m Kenia from Brooklyn, New York, USA 27 y/o black/Hawaiian female. I love to wear garter belts, but mostly in the bedroom and nightclubs. But I was never bold enough to wear them to work or school. But on my 24th Birthday I wanted to dress up and look cute and I thought to my self why not wear my sexy lingerie under my new blouse and a knee length wrap skirt. So I went though the motions of sliding on black sheer/lacy thong and matching bra, black lacy garter belt and lace top stockings. Then to set it off, I slip on my 4" ankle cuffed baby doll pumps. As I stood in the mirror I started to become excited I felt myself pulsate between my legs. I was feeling so sexy I wanted to masturbate right there on the spot, but there was no time, I was running late. I found myself debating if I should I wear the garter belt and stockings to work so I made the bold decision to do it, then off to work I went.
The whole day I felt I a little uncomfortable thinking people could see my lace tops if I sat the wrong way. My knee length skirt just did not feel long enough. But I told myself stop being a scared, paranoid little girl. As the day went on, I was getting accustom to my attire and was not feeling secretly ashamed. It felt so good to hear my nylon legs swishing together. At the end of the workday, seven of my female coworkers surprised me with a birthday cake, card, and a gift. Upon opening the card there was a two hundred dollar gift certificate to Victoria Secrets Lingerie store. One of the girls stated; "Go get yourself some sexy lingerie". I told them "I have already have some on". On that note, we all just laugh. Then I accidentally dropped my birthday card on the floor I had to uncross my legs to reach under behind the seat, as I was reaching for the card, the wrap part of my skirt flew open and my right leg, lace top and garter strap was exposed. Then Gina voiced out to the others "oh shit the birthday girl does has some sexy stuff on. Then I quickly felt Gina?s hand on my stocking and pulling my skirt open all the way to my crotch. As I moved her hand so I could close my skirt. The others looked with shocked faces; I was starting to feel somewhat embarrassed. That?s when Gina and Crystal lifted me out of the chair and said: "too late, we already saw it" then pulled my skirt back open for everyone to see I pulled away and advised them we don?t know who is still here in the other offices. That?s when they escorted me to the ladies room and requested me to lift up the skirt again for a detailed view. So I lifted the skirt just slightly above the lace stocking tops. They requested that I remove the skirt. When I shy-fully refused, they told me were all women in here, remove it or we'll make you lose everything. I said to them you all are crazy, then as I attempted to walk out of the ladies room, Gina and Crystal playfully detained me as they grab my arms, they commanded the other five women to strip me. When they started to unbutton my blouse as well as my skirt. I was getting a little nervous I felt like a chained prisoner as I helplessly stood there, being striped, against my will and forced to surrender my dignity. But at the same time I was getting turned on. I wanted to be obedient and I did very little to resist. Because I was graving this attention the idea of them forcefully striping me made me feel sensually submissive.

With a few seconds as my skirt hit the floor, there I was, standing there just wearing in my sheer lace bra, thong, garter belt, stockings and ankle-cuffed pumps. All I could say is ?okay, are you people happy now, so what do you think?? They looked on with amazement and complimented me as they gently caressed me up and down feeling the lacy material of my stocking?s tops, garter belt and bra, and causally Staring at my very noticeable clean shaved twat which was visible though my sheer/lace thong.

Candice and Regina insisted that I take some pictures. When I refused, Gina picked up my blouse and skirt and left the ladies room leaving me with nothing to cover up with. So I was left to do whatever they wanted. (I wasn?t really in a rush to get dressed anyway.) Candice came back with her camera and took several pictures and advised Karyn (another co-worker who is of black -Panamanian decent very attractive) to remove her clothes too. Because apparently they were in the bathroom early and Candice saw what she had on. She refused, so we all pulled off her one-piece dress up and over her head and exposed her Black lace top thigh hi /stay up stockings and black lace thong teddy and standing there in her high heels with her legs slightly apart, her pose made her look so irresistible as she spun her head side-to-side fixing her long hair. Oh she looked like a provocative lingerie model.

They wanted to take pictures of both us, separate and together. After Candice finished one roll of film she went to her desk to retrieve addition film. The rest of us waited patiently and pander topics of lingerie, sexual intimacy, and working out/staying fit. As I stood there resting against the bathroom sink with my legs together, slightly crossed, I was feeling sexy and getting very aroused as the moments passed by. I was no longer feeling ashamed or embarrassed. It was so wonderful just to stand there and be center of attraction along with Karyn

After waiting several long minutes Karyn wanted to get dress. But they have taken our clothes back to the office. Regina then said: "Baby you can walk out and get them" At this point I knew that everyone else had gone home for the day. I looked at karyn and said lets do this. She looked at me like I was insane so I walked over to the door peep out to make certain. Then with one leg outside the door took a deep breath and began to strut my way down to my office I felt so free as the cool air caressed my moisten crotch. I was even more turned on as my heels made a seductive clicking sound against the marble floor. Halfway down the hall, I stopped and convinced Karyn to step out of the bathroom, but she refused. So Regina and Gina pushed her out of the bathroom and braced the door with their bodies, so she could not re-enter. I grabbed her hand and told her to relax and I quickly pulled her in front of the 7' foot high hallway mirror and posed I blew a kiss at my reflection, and said we look to beautiful to be ashamed of our bodies. Karyn looked at my face through the mirror and with a smile said, ?Kenia you look so cute? and gently squeezed my hand. I looked at her and replied with the same and blew a kiss at her. Then we proceeded to my office holding hands with Karyn. The girls were surprised at our bold decision to walk out in to the hallway. We took more pictures in the office with better lighting and scenery. We posed in many different positions. after a while the girls noticed that my moist twat was very visible though the sheer and decided end the shoot. As they all kissed me good-bye then managed to get there last feel even rubbing my stockings and my crouch. Once everyone left karyn and me sat down in my office and began laughing at the things we did. We engaged in tense intimate conversations about the joy of wearing lingerie, sex and masturbation, and as well as using sex toys,

As we sat and talked I watched her massage her stocking legs and was doing the same

For nearly 2hours we sat and talked while lounging in our lingerie. We were not in a rush to get dress. We touch the topic of shaving, bikini waxing, and avoiding hair bumps. We went further to mention that my bikini line was so smooth and she pointed very closely near my twat. She wanted to know how I shave without getting bumps and asked if she could just see. I said what the hell were already naked. (We laughed) I spread my legs apart and pulled my panty aside I then placed my legs on the chair arms. She asked if it was okay to feel when I agreed. She gently rubbed her fingers up and down my pussy lips touching Her touch send a sensation up my spine I threw my head back. And gasp. She said oh that?s your spot. I could not say anything after that but only say, ?I think its time to get dress? As we stood up, she quickly placed her hands on my stockings. As I looked at her she said again how pretty I was, wanted to know if I and could keep a secret. When I said what she told me to close my eyes. When I felt her softly kiss me on the lips, I pulled back, with my reaction she quickly stated that she was sorry and didn?t for me to feel uncomfortable or violated as she put her head down with embarrassment, I pulled her head up and told her that I enjoyed it, could I have another. The next thing I knew I was being tongue kissed and I was having my clitoris massaged to a point where I climaxed. We both laid on the floor where we both gave each other oral sex. When we finally finished, we went back to my place and spent the night together. We took a shower together and use my dildo to fuck each other.

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