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Title: Amazon Woman

I used to have a bad habit of getting drunk at the clubs and getting my horny little body into trouble. This one night I went home with this guy from the band. He was having a party after the club closed. He was very tall and I figured he had a big cock too. Well we went to this great big house and there were people there from the club and new people too.
Finally we snuck off to his room, and started to make out. Pulling our clothes off of each other. When I pulled down his pants I found a nice looking but rather small cock standing at attention. It seemed to smile at me! I had to taste that cute cock so I dropped right to my knees to gobble that hard as stone boner. It didn''t take a minute for that cock to squirt that tasty sperm into my hungry mouth. MMMM GOOD!

I then laid on his bed and spread my legs. He climbed on top and put his weakening cock into my wet and burning pussy and started to pump me. But fuck boy was a little too drunk and with each pump his cock shrank till it just fell out. He then had the nerve to roll over and pass out! I guess he never recovered from my expert blow job. So there I was with my hot, wet, cock starved, pussy. God he had just teased it!

So I walked out of the room and went down the hall to where there was this little balcony. I was leaning over the rail when I was startled by this large figure that walked up behind me. I turned to see this very large very attractive woman. She had to have been over 6 ft tall with brown hair and very large breasts, with her nipples poking out through her tank top. She had a short skirt on with pantyhose and heels that made her even taller! I was still in a total state of arousal, and the sight of this giant girl with those long legs and nipples so hard made me blush! Her name was Sandy and she was fuck boys sister. I can''t remember his name. We got talking and she said it was his party and that their parents had gone out of town. After talking awhile she asked if I''d like to come with her to her room and hang out. I couldn''t say no to that, and off we went.

She had a large and lovely room with almost a fairytale atmosphere and a king size bed with a white bed spread. She said to close the door, and when I did and turned back around she grabbed me and started to kiss me. I closed my eyes and put my arms around her huge frame. She was so large like a man but so much a soft feminine woman. We kissed most passionately, as I rushed with taboo pleasure. I slid my hands up those smooth pantyhose and grabbed her great ass. It was big and round and warm.

I was heaven holding her ass and kissing her! I then reached up and found her large tit and started pulling on her nipple. It grew and hardened to my touch, and as I did her hand slipped down into my panties to find my already dripping hole all primed and ready to be penetrated. We both moaned as she slipped her fingers into my juicy and slippery cunt. I then yanked down her pantyhose to find a great big fur burger for my still hungry mouth. We tore each others clothes off an crawled into a 69 position on her big bed.

What ecstasy having her huge ass nestling down on my face. Her hairy pussy covered my face and I sucked that sweet juice from her with passion. We came and came in each others mouths. I''d be pulling both of her nipples at once as she ground her cunt down on my face. I loved it!

Then she got up and told me to spread my legs as far as I could and that she had a surprise for me. She went into the walk-in closet and stepped out with a HUGE dildo strapped on her with a black leather harness! I swear I think my pussy squirted! I did what I was told and lay there legs spread a mile for her, as she jumped on top and thrusted that giant dick into me. I moaned with pleasure as her big strong body humped my gushing hole. She hammered me until I saw stars! I had never had my pussy pumped so hard before, and a couple of times I didn''t think I could take it but it felt too good to try to make her stop. She humped and pounded me endlessly. I know now that she had just warmed me up for her big cock and that was what really got her off! She liked to pound little girls with her big strap on cock! My pussy started to well up and grab that big cock. The harder she pounded the tighter my cunt grabbed until I had the most intense orgasm! I shook and shuddered. My eyes rolled back into my head as I moaned in unrivaled pleasure. If I had ever been completely spent, that night came the closest. I still dream of huge women in pantyhose driving giant dildos into me!!!!

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