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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Co Worker

The past few weeks, I've been getting good vibes from the coworker down the hall. I miss his playing ... Work is not nearly as much fun when the panty lover down the hallway isn't joking around .. or playing with me.
Wellll .. the other day, the coworker sticks his head in my door and says, "come down and look my screen, something weird is happening" ...
.. so I went down to see what was up. I really expected that he had a REAL problem. He says, "i wanted to send that message, but couldn't bring myself to hit the send button"

I was sooooo surprised to read the message on his screen .. " have you ever had anal sex." I know he loves anal .... and I knew immediately .. he wanted to play. Especially when he closed the door .... and said "take a seat"

He told me that he's been trying to be good .. not viewing porn .. not playing with me, etc.... but i was wearing the skirt he loves .. the jean skirt with zippers ...... and he wanted to play .. He only had a few minutes .. but couldnt' resist asking me down to his office.

I began to blush immediately .. ops: 'cause i was sitting there .. legs going in and out .... my arousal immediate .. and my panties getting wet. I KNEW he was trying to take a peak ... IT FELT ... WICKEDLY GOOD ... :twisted: to know he was staring between my legs ..... wanting to see my panties.


I said, "i' would have worn the red panties if i knew you wanted to play today." his favourite is red panties .. and usually i do wear red under that skirt .. to match the zipper pulls. i bet he was hoping i had red panties on ....

I continued to sit there ... watching him ... watch me ... watching my legs bounce together and apart over and over .. i said, "no red panties today, but wanna see what i am wearing" .... and he stirred even more in his chair .... and he had a look on his face like ... "I am dieing to lick your wet panties while they cover your sopping wet pussy -- RIGHT NOW" .... heheheeh

I tried to slow my leg movement ... open them wider .. but it's kinda awkward .... and I was blushing soooooooo bad ... and he said .. "i can't see enough ... are they wet ...."

i said .. "yes".... and opened my legs even wider as I pulled up my skirt even higher ... .. this .. made me feel crazy in need .... I told him I picked these panties ... white LaSenza bikinis because, "they have tiny air holes in them .. and I've been so hot and wet lately." .. heheheeh

.. . his cock got hard and he readjusted it in his pants... giving it a squeeze .....

........ i have still never touched him ...........but did i ever WANT TO ...

I slipped my hand down ... and felt my panties and rubbed my finger along my pussy over and over ... and pushed them into my slit a little .... as he watched in absolute rapture .... not sure how else to describe it .... Then, i made a wet circle by pushing my panties up .. into my hole a little ... watching his reaction.

I know he loved that .. because he says his wife NEVER gets wet ... and can't believe how much I do.


I needed to feel something inside sooooooo bad ... i asked, "do you want to see my new shave job" ... and he said, "apparently you want to show me"

He was hard .. and resting his arm against his cock ... pressing down every so often ( LIKE I COULDNT' TELL WHAT HE WAS DOING)

AND .. .. with him looking at me like he could just eat me alive ... I flipped my panties over a bit and stuck in a finger for a second .. while i showed him my shaved lips ... fingering until I had to stop .. or I'd start to moan ... it felt REALLY GOOD and so BAD to do that to him .... and me

i left ... head staight for the ladies room ... and he had 5 minutes to clam down before his next appt.

i REALLY ENJOYED THAT .. and had to share my good fortune!

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