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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Sniffing Her Panties

I just got done playing with my wet pussy. Last night was so much fun? My friends and I almost closed the bar down, but around 1 o?clock we went over to one of the frat houses with some of the guys we met. My roommate ended up getting laid all night! She hasn?t had a chance to tell me about it except that he was good, and kept talking dirty to her! I?ll hear more after she gets back from class! I didn?t get laid, but I did get to give this guy from one of my classes a blowjob in the bathroom. He ended up coming after just a couple of minutes! I knew I shouldn?t have been sucking on his balls so much. I wish I?d gotten laid, but to tell you the truth I love giving blowjobs, and he was nice and thick. So this morning when my roommate quickly told me about her night I knew I was going to have to skip out of my class early and come back to the room to sniff her panties! After I got back I dug through her hamper until I found her thong that she wore last night. It?s a simple white satin thong with a cotton panty crotch. I got so horny when I saw that the crotch was all hard and crusty from a load of cum! While I watched some porn on demand and used my vibrator I sniffed and licked her panty crotch! The panties totally reeked of hot sex, and I loved it! I got to cum a couple times.

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