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Title: Dribble

Donna always loved to wear her long lace-edged panties in bed. She adored their caresses on her body at night . The thrill she felt beneath the warm sheets on a chilly night was delicious. Tonight, however, Donna had woken up with an urgent need to pee.
Pretty red haired Donna got out of her warm bed. Crossing the carpet, she felt her need become even more urgent. She would never make the bathroom. Then she remembered something. Just under the edge of Donnas little bed was a big old-fashioned chamber pot, and the poor girl was just able to reach it in time. She slipped her pretty panties down her lovely legs and squatted on the cold rim of the pot. Her panties hung round her pretty ankles. The lovely tinkly bell of her sweet feminine pee trickled down. Her tiny cunt was glad of the release.

As she reached the end of her delightful pee, her little arse gave out the softest and sweetest feminine fart that echoed in the china pot. But now her bum was cold!! She quickly pulled up her panties and pushed the potty back beneath her bed. She shivered . Best go back to bed , she thought. Halfway across her bedroom floor, however, she sneezed, "a-tish-oooo!".

Donna got a lovely thrill between her legs from the sudden sneeze and quickly jumped back into the warmth of her bed. Only when she was back again in the warm sheets did Donna realise that her sneeze had caused the last drops of dribble from her urgent peeing had gently dripped down and were now moist on the lace of her pretty panties.

She would have to wash them tomorrow!

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