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Woman In Panties, Pantyhose Or Lingerie Stories

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Title: Playing Doctor

Hmmm where should we begin? aah yes, after a long hard day of work, in white pants, shirt, and a lab coat you walk into my room. You bend down and kiss me as I sit on the edge of my bed. I stand up and wrap my arms around you, you pull me tight against you, I can feel the cool metal from your stethoscope and things in your lab coat pockets brushing against my breasts and nipples through the thin blue satin material of my teddy.
You run your hand down my back and cup it against my ass cheek, squeezing it tight then running it down my leg, lifting it against you, as you kiss my neck, shoulder and mouth, first gentle then hard. I unbutton your lab coat and slide it off your shoulders onto the floor. I take your stethoscope from around your neck and put it around mine. I pull at the waist of your pants, undoing your belt, pulling it open and unbutton your pants, slipping my hand inside, feeling your cock grow hot & hard against my silky smooth fingertips.

I take my hands to your collar and start unbuttoning your shirt, pulling it free from your pants. I pull the shirt over your shoulders, locking your arms in the sleeves, I run my hands along your chest, kissing your collarbone, teasing the dip in your neck with my tongue. Trailing my nails along your chest and I follow with my mouth kissing and teasing your nipples with my teeth. I remove your shirt, and wrap my arms around your neck, kissing you hard on the mouth, pressing tight against you, you feel my hard nipples through the material against your chest. Your pants have fallen down and you step out of them, pushing me backward toward the bed. You slide your hands down my back, over my hips and down my thighs, sliding them back up under the satin, rubbing them hard against my ass. You pinch and squeeze it as you kiss me deeply, my hands and nails along your back and shoulders. You pull my panties down, and I step out of them as you push me back so the edge of the bed is just behind my legs, and I sit down.

I reach forward and place a hand on each side of your hips, pulling you to me, pulling your boxers lower, I kiss your stomach. I love to kiss you just below your belly button, I feel you tense and suck in deep breaths as I tease the soft skin with my teeth. I take the stethoscope and I touch the end of it?. ?oooh its a little cold? I rub it against my nipples through the material, you laugh and shake your head. I get the end of it warm and place the ear pieces in my ears. I pull you forward and take your cock in my left hand and press the end to it. You flinch as the metal is still cool, you start to ask what I?m doing and I say ?sshhh I can?t hear anything?hmmm I think our patient needs CPR.? I take off the stethoscope and set it on your lab coat on the floor. I lick my lips and pull your hard cock toward them. I look up at you as I run the head along my hot wet lips. Toying my tongue along the tip and along the bottom. I take your balls in my left hand and gently massage them as I tease the head of your cock, licking it and slowly sucking just the head in. I slowly take more and more of you into my mouth, sucking you deep into my mouth, then trailing my tongue back to the head. Mouthing your cock, licking it, then sucking it in again, slowly, then more fast and impatient. I slide my tongue along the shaft and tease your balls, swirling my tongue around then, sucking one then the other into my mouth, massaging them with my tongue, lightly running my teeth against the bottom, and then trailing my tongue back to your throbbing cock. Teasing, sucking, and licking, until you are throbbing and dripping with precum, I lick you more, tasting you. Wanting you more and more.

I pull you down onto the bed, and crawl on top of you. You try to lean forward and I push you back onto the bed. I sit on top of you, rubbing my clit with my fingers, telling you how bad I?ve wanted you all day. I take your cock and rub it against my clit. Its so hot and hard, it feels so good, I moan softly. Oooh, deep sighs with each flick of your cock against me. You take your hands to my hips and pull me hard against you, ?hmmm aaa? I moan again as I guide the head of your cock into my pussy. I?m so hot and getting more wet every minute, I?m so hot from sucking your cock that I have to hold back from cumming the second your cock touches my swollen clit & aching wet pussy. I start to rock against you, taking just the head in, back and forth, aaaah god it feels so good.

I want you to fuck me so bad, but I love to tease you and I love to tease myself. You try to pull my hips forward and I refuse to take all of you in just yet, I arch back taking in just the head, a few more times until I can?t wait any longer. I beg you to fuck me, to fuck me so hard and I thrust my hips forward as you rise up to meet me, taking all of you into me. I moan loudly, pausing just for a second before I rock back and forth, taking you in and out. I lean forward and you feel my long hair tickle your chest, you reach up and squeezemy tits, as they bounce above you. You slide my nitie up over my hips, up my back and I pull it up over my head and toss it on the floor.

You trail your hands along my back, hips, stomach and breasts, leaning forward and kissing anything that comes in contact. I feel your teeth tug at my nipple, but I?m so close to cumming I can?t sit still. I begin to get more quick in thrusts, shorter and erratic as my orgasm nears, you feel me cum as my insides begin to tighten and quiver, your cock enveloped by my throbbing pussy, getting more wet as I cum all over you.

I lean forward laying flat on top of you, kissing your neck. I move to the side of you, you follow my lead and move to your knees behind me. I spread my legs and lean forward, feeling your arms wrap around me and your fingers tighten around my hips. You pull my ass tight against you, as you glide deep inside my pussy. You can get deeper penetration and begin to move faster and faster, as you rub your thumb and finger over my clit. I squeeze my tit and beg you to fuck me harder. I call out your name between deep quick breaths and tell you to pull my hair. You wrap your hand in my hair and pull my head back and thrust deep inside and I cry out with moans of pleasure, wanting you to fuck me harder and faster. You smack your hand against my ass and I beg you to do it again. You smack my ass again and again, then slowly massage the spot before smacking it again. I take your hand from my hipand move it to my clit again, pressing it hard against me, grinding against your fingers as you fuck me from behind. I cum again, drenching your cock again, I take your hand to my mouth and suck your fingers into my mouth, softly biting and sucking, moaning and cumming. I clench and tighten inside, wrapping around you, your thrusts get faster, deeper and shorter, you hands are even sweating. You push deep inside of me and are about to cum. I turn toward you, you collapse on top of me, kissing me, thrusting deep inside of me. I lift my legs over your shoulders, your hands pressed against my knees, my ankles over your shoulders. You trust deep inside me, I?m ready to cum again, I slide my hand down and run my fingers over my clit, matching your thrusts, I call out your name, and beg you to ?fuck me, that?s it baby, fuck me hard, hard and fast, I want you to pound this pussy til you can?t move, don?t stop, fuck me!!? You?re so close, but fighting in, your balls smacking against my ass, your cock driving deep and fast into me. The bed smashing against the wall, both out of breath, covered in sweat, and trembling from head to toe. You?re so close, yet out of breath, you lean forward and I wrap my legs around your waist. Your thrusts are slower and labored, we roll over so that I?m lying on top of you, your chest pressed tightly to mine. As I press against you, our whole bodies rub together. I suck and bite at your chest and arms trying to hold back, you pull my ass and hips tight against you, hard and fast, and I feel your hot cock explode deep inside me, it pushes my orgasm to peak again, more intense than before, I cry out but my moans are muffled by your tongue trusting deep into my mouth. We lay there out of breath pressed together, I?m looking into your eyes smiling, kissing you playfully, biting your lip and rubbing your chest. Hmmmmm?. And the look on my face says, you?ve got about 15 minutes before I expect a ?another consultation Doctor!?

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