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Title: Reel Pissing Experience

I am a pretty open minded & adventurous girl? I wouldn?t say I?m prude, that?s for sure! Last night I was chatting online with this guy and he was telling me how boring and ?virginal? his wife is. I felt bad for the guy. He said, ?I?d kill to have a wife who is willing, for the most part, to be adventurous in bed.?
He told me that he had a little fetish ? he likes to watch her pee. However, she won?t take it any further than that. If he happens to walk in, while she?s going to the bathroom, or he brushes his teeth while she?s going, its not an issue, but she tends to be QUITE MODEST! He told me that he?d like to try a ?Golden Shower? but he knows she would NEVER do it.

I told him that I enjoyed chatting with him, but I was going to go for a walk. He asked me where I was headed, he lives in the same town. I told him, ?I like to walk along the pier in the evenings.? He said, ?well maybe you?ll see me around.? I said, ?maybe? and left for my walk. A few minutes later, I was walking along the pier and enjoying the scenery. On my way back down the pier, I noticed that this car had now passed me, quite slow, at least two or three times. I smiled and he smiled back, I walked over and sat down by the dock, my feet over the side, in the water. The man who had passed me, was now walking towards where I was sitting. He walked past and smiled, I said, ?hello? and raised an eyebrow, as to say ?are you who I think you are?? He said, ?how was your walk?? and sat down next to me. We talked a few minutes and a woman past us who was walking her dog. The dog stopped a few yards away and lifted its leg against the tree. I burst out laughing and he looked at me, I said, ?sorry, just reminds me of something.? It was his turn to lift his eyebrow and shake his head. I said, ?so, does ?that? do anything for you?? and laughed again. He said ?no, not quite.? It was a nice way to break the ice, we both laughed and then he started telling me about how he enjoys watching his wife pee.

It was getting late and the pier was clearing out. I said, ?well it was nice chatting with you, but I have to get going.? He thanked me for the conversation and said he understands and respects my lack of interest in married men. At which point, I thought, ?hmmm, pissing isn?t sex? is it cheating??? He stalled a little bit too, he seemed hesitant to walk over to his car. I looked to the public bathrooms, he watched my line of vision, and smiled. I said, ?would you mind escorting me across the street.? I thought he was going to race me to the restroom, the way he darted out.

He stood outside the restroom, I went inside, checked the stalls to make sure they were empty. I came back out and there wasn?t anyone close to the bathroom area. He came inside the bathroom with, we went into the handicap stall, because it seemed to have much more room. He stood there in the corner, as I undid my buttons, slowly, turning around, teasing him, pulling down the back of my shorts, so that he could see the top of my thong. His hand went the frot of his pants and I saw him nervously adjust his erection. Small beads of sweat were visible along his forehead. I slid my shorts off and hung them on the hook on the back of the stall door. I asked him, ?would you like to watch me piss.? He said, ?yes, oh yes? and I laughed and said, ?or would you like me to piss on you?? He started pulling off his shirt before I even finished the sentence.

I stepped closer, helping him remove his pants, he leaned forward and I stepped back. I said, ?I have 3 rules, no kissing, no touching, no sex.?

He sat down on the floor and I stood above him. I let him watch me tease my pussy with my fingers, pulling the material back and forth, sliding my fingers over the material of my panties. Then, without warning, his eyes got as big as saucers as he saw a small wet spot forming on the crotch of my panties.

?Are you pissing?? he asked in amazement.

I smiled and said, ?yes.?

I stopped pissing, and pulled the panties off. I stepped lower, standing above his naked body, his cock hard as hell. His hand slid to my ankle and I reminded him he could touch himself, but not me. He pulled his hand away, like a child scorned, and I asked him to hold his cock for me. I released the tension enough to allow another stream of piss to flow from my pussy. The warm piss drenching his cock and his hand. He started to jerk his cock, rubbing it so hard and fast, the piss flying off in all directions.

I stepped forward, so that my crotch and ass were now just over his chest. I squatted down a little, giving him an up close view of my pussy. I held onto the handicap rail in the bathroom for some leverage, with one hand, and used the other to spread my pussy lips apart. I rubbed my pussy and let out another small squirt of piss. I slid my fingers back and forth over my piss covered lips, getting them nice and wet. I ran my wet fingers over his chest, making the small patch of hair between his nipples, nice and wet. He was stroking his cock hard and fast. His breathing was loud and labored, I knew he was close to cumming.

I wanted him to be soaked in my piss, I was getting so turned on by the thought of this man, going home to his wife, smelling of my piss, his skin damp and sticky from me. I couldn?t hold it any longer and I begin to spray my piss all over his chest, stomach, and some in his face. He moaned loud, his tongue licking his lips, as I watched his cock explode, cum flying onto the backs of my legs and my ass. He closed his eyes and laid there a second, exhausted and content. I put on my shorts and looked back down. He looked so peaceful and relaxed, considering he was laying on a soaking wet, concrete, restroom floor! I said, ?wake up sleeping beauty, we need to get out of here.? He thanked me again and told me how amazing the experience was, as he put his clothes on.

As we were leaving the bathroom he thanked me again, I gave him a quick hug, a small kiss on the cheek and tucked my wet panties into his pants pocket. He looked down and I said, ?something to remember me by.? I left the bathroom and walked to my car. I couldn?t wait to get home and tell you all about it! I?m such a bad girl!

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