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Title: Little Crush

hmmm? Ok. So, I went on a date last night, with the guy from AFF to the movies. The movie was great! I laughed my ass off the entire time. The guy was really nice, sweet, funny, and good looking. After the movie, we talked a few minutes, he didn?t hug me or try to kiss me or anything. I wasn?t really tired and I was in the mood for a drink.
I got in my car and thought I?d drive by an old friend?s place, on my way home. He?s a guy I went to college with and had this HUGE crush on. In college he dated girls that I knew, but we never hooked up. He was always very sweet to me, he?d bring me drinks, make sure the fan was in the window sucking out the cig smoke, he?d dance with me at the bar, and shoot the shit with me when ever he saw me around campus. I used to call him late at night and flirt with him, it was as close to phone sex as I had gotten, being that I was a virgin at the time. I?d flirt with him, he?d flirt with me, he?d invite me over to his room, and I?d chicken out and hang up.

So, needless to say, I?m NOT a virgin anymore. Last summer, we hung out a few times, but other than some cuddling and kissing, nothing ever happened. I drove by his place about 12:30 am and the lights were on, so I pulled into the driveway. I can?t believe how nervous I was. I?m usually more confident, calm, collected, and flirtatious, but when it comes to him, I turn into that shy, reserved, timid girl who used to follow him around at school and blush every time he talked to me! I think the reason that I get self-conscious around him, is because he brings up ?the crush? all the time, which results in me smacking him on the arm, leg, or whatever is in reach and telling him to ?shut up!? Then he tickles me and tells me ?its cute, I?m flattered, and honored.? I don?t want him to be flattered, I don?t want him to be honored, and I don?t want him to see me as ?cute? anymore. I?m not some high school, virgin, with a crush anymore. I?ve had sex, I?m adventurous, I?m flirtatious, I can be alluring and provocative, and I?m capable of teaching HIM a thing or two? and its time for him to see, just what he?s missing out on!

Ok, so I get there, I get out of the car and walk up to the door, my heels were clicking across the blacktop of the driveway, and I felt like I was going to wake up the entire neighborhood. I rang the doorbell and he came to the door, wearing just his boxers. I asked if I had woke him up, he said ?no, come on in.? He gave me a big hug, a quick kiss on the lips and said he was happy to see me. He offered to make me a drink and I said sure. I followed him into the kitchen and took off my shoes as he made me a strong drink, cranberry juice & vodka, with the least amount of ice, known to man. If I didn?t know better, I?d say, he was trying to get me drunk! Not that I minded. So, we took our drinks into the living room and watched some TV on the couch. We talked about mutual friends from college and caught up on relationships and who we?ve been dating, since the last time we had seen each other. I finished my drink and he got up and brought me another. As he handed it to me, he asked if I wanted to pay for my drinks now or should put them on my tab. I told him, I thought the bartender was sort of cute and that ?I might try flirting with him, so that I don?t have to pay for my drinks tonight.? He made a comment about the guy I went to the movies with getting jealous that I ditched him to mack on a bartender in his boxers. I said, I didn?t ditch him, I simply stopped to see an old friend on my way home, its harmless. He sat down on the couch and I laid my leg across his lap. He asked if my date tried looking down my shirt, and I told him that I didn?t notice. Somehow this led to discussing my underwear and I said that I was wearing a pink thong. He wanted to see it, so I unbuttoned my pants and showed him my thong, he said, ?and the bra?? I sat up, pulling the front of my sweater lower, and showed him my bra. I laid back against the pillows and felt dizzy and hot. He said, the bra looks white. I said, ?they are pink and silky, feel? and let his rub the front of my panties. I blushed and said, ?I can?t believe I just showed you my underwear? and buttoned up my jeans.

He started playing with my feet again, running his hands up the inside of my legs. He slid his hands up over my hips, my stomach, and back down over my knees. I felt hot, my entire body charged, goose bumps all over my body, my nipples hard and aching. I took his hands and pulled him up, so that he was laying on top of me. He leaned closer and our lips met, soft and slow, watching each others expressions. He kissed me, slow at first, then deep and hard, his hands squeezing and caressing my skin, tasting & exploring my mouth with his tongue and lips. I pressed closer, grinding beneath him, he moved above me, his hard cock straining through his boxers against my jeans. I said, ?hmm you know, if you had done this at college, my virginity wouldn?t have made it through one semester!? We both laughed and kissed more. He stood up and reached down, took my hand, and walked me to the bedroom.

I was buzzing pretty good, my entire body felt like it was floating, maybe it was the excitement, maybe the alcohol, or maybe a combination of both. He climbed into bed and I walked around to the other side and climbed in next to him. He turned towards me and began to kiss me. His hands slid inside my shirt, teasing and playing with my tits, pulling them up out of the bra, so that he could kiss and suck on each nipple. His hand slid slowly over my stomach, he unbuttoned my jeans as we kissed. I wanted to stop him, tried to move his hands, mumbled something about ?I don?t want things to be weird between us.? He continued to kiss and bite my lip, as he moved lower, between my legs. He undid my pants, I didn?t try to stop him, and he slid his hand inside my jeans, running his fingers lightly over my panties. He teased my stomach with his tongue, a trail of kisses along my abdomen, over my ribs and against my chest. I pulled my sweater off and tossed it onto the floor. His hands ravaged my skin, my arms, my neck, his lips, his tongue, his teeth nibbling, sucking, and biting all over. My hands slid up the back of his legs, inside his boxers, squeezing his ass, pulling him onto me. We kissed, rolling around, until he was back on top and between my legs, pulling off my jeans. He slid his finger inside my panties, sliding it along the crotch of the material, pulling it away from my wet pussy. He slid it all the way back, up along the back, between my ass and then back down. He pulled it to the side and replaced it with his tongue, sliding it up over my clit and then back to my ass.

He teased my pussy with his tongue and fingers for what seemed like an eternity, orgasm after orgasm, my pussy drenched, my body quivering, I could hardly catch my breath. I pulled him up, kissing him, tasting my sweet juices on his lips, his tongue, sucking his fingers into my mouth. I pushed him onto his back, and pulled off his boxers. I slid lower, kissing his nipples, his stomach, teasing his cock with my tongue. Slowly at first, the silky head against my lips, sucking him into my mouth, deeper and faster, as I massaged his balls with my hand. He smelled so good, his skin was soft and smooth. I sucked one nut into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue, then the other. I spread his legs further apart, kissing up his stomach and teasing his nipples with my tongue, my long hair hanging down and lightly tickling his chest. I kissed him, deep and passionate, teasing his lower lip with my teeth. I kissed and licked my way back to his hard cock. Savoring it in my mouth like a bomb pop on a hot summer?s day. He said, ?you really like sucking my cock, don?t you?? I smiled and told him that he ?tastes amazing!?

He didn?t let me finish, he pushed me back onto the bed and told me to relax. He slid lower, pushing my legs further up, my ass lifted into the air. He began to suck and lick, and finger my pussy again. His whiskers tickling and tormenting my sensitive skin. I felt his tongue trail lower, felt it flick against my ass. I thought I?d die, my body was bombarded with sensations. His hand gripped and squeezed my tit, his other hand fingered my pussy, his tongue darted in and out and all around my ass. I came again, he begged me to squirt all over his face. I told him to turn around and put his leg over me. His cock dangled above my face, I sucked it into my mouth while he fucked me with his fingers and his tongue. I slid my tongue into his ass and he returned the favor, sliding his tongue into mine. I wiggled around and adjusted as his finger slid into my ass, his tongue and teeth teasing my pussy.

I came and came, almost like in a dream, I felt as if I was floating up, leaving my body, watching from above. Several times I squeezed my eyes so tightly shut as I came that I was afraid to open my eyes and find that I was dreaming the entire thing. I heard myself begging him to stop, I was so sore and sensitive that it was starting to hurt. He slid up next to me, took me in his arms and thanked me. I said, ?oh no, thank you!? He said, ?if we dated, we?d never leave the house, we?d be a bunch of nympho?s.? We both laughed and snuggled a while, then I got dressed and left. The entire drive home I kept thinking, ?college would have been so much better is I hadn?t been so FUCKING PRUDE!!!!!?

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